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Witch Doctor
Hi guys,

I recently geared up and got just shy off 100k. In know its not a magic hard to get number but I'm looking for some advice on my gear to go.above that.

Hoping that if I answer enough of these blizzard will give me a free toaster and I would say:
1)get CC+CD+Int on gloves
2)get a weapon with a socket
3) get lacuni prowlers with CC
4) get CC on pox/zuni helm/tal ammy
5)upgrade your gems

Drop PtV for blood ritual.
Toaster is in the mail mate. Cheers
np best of luck.
Except Lacuni and Tal Rasha ammy, is there any upgrade for my gear? Or advice on skills, too?
If this is just a farm build I would change the following:
1) Better TOTD
2)As stated Lacuni bracers
3)Cain's Boots+helm+Pants
4)Leorics Ring
Drop Garg +Dogs + toads Swap in Acid Cloud+Acid Rain | Horrify + Stalker | Grasp of the dead + Death is Life.

If this is a higher MP build I would change the following :
1)Weapon with life steal
2)As stated Lacuni bracers
3) Drop hellfire ring for Litany/wailing/oculus ring depending on your needs
4)Legendary or set mojo with higher base damage and - bears
Drop Dogs for frightening aspect and swap loyalty for Vision quest and grave injustice for blood ritual.

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