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my account was hacked last night ive set everything back up and added an authenticator but i am still suspend and receiving error 53 when i try to play ive sub mitted a ticket and waiting response any idea on how long it will take? my battle tag was changed too is that something that will be fixed?? im pretty new to all this so any help or advice would be very much appreciated ... im having serious withdrawals from no game play :(
this is ridiculous no communication at all i was legitimately hacked and i get suspended? how long is this supposed to last or take to get fixed???
It takes time to get a response! The same team supports all of WoW, SC and D3 so they have a lot to do. They will get to you when your turn it up. Also, I see why you would be upset by your new battletag.
will this affect any of my friends? would they have been sent messages or anything? and do you know if its possible to have my battletag changed back?
Hopefully by the time you see this they have already resolved your issue. The folks who take tickets work 24/7.

Normally they only allow one battletag change per account for the life of the account, however, given yours was used by whoever compromised your account, they might. I certainly can't make promises on behalf of Blizzard so you can only find out by asking. Just be sure to ask nicely. Given yours is inappropriate now I personally think you have a good chance of having that request granted! Just my opinion though, not a promise.

Also, you will want to figure out how you were compromised so it does not happen again. The most common ways are using the same name/pass on other sites without good security (forums and fan sites), clicking on phishing emails/links, and malware on the PC.

Do a full Malwarebytes scan with the game up and gibberish typed in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions. Repeat that FULL (not quick) scan with an up to date virus scanner. This link will have further explanations and assistance on how to secure your PC and prevent further issues

When done, be sure to change your account password and email password (they often get into that as well). You will want to consider an Authenticator for the account. The mobile version is free.

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