Anyone successful port their character twice?

I mean porting to PTR twice.
yes, i copied my characters today, and my first copy was last tues
it pasted over everything but keeps your AH log (items that I didn't send to stash were still there)
Oooo.. Thx for the conformation
I port my charc on wednesday night. Hopefully i can do it today again.
yes i've deleted everthing in PTR and ported anew but you can only do it once a week.
01/24/2013 05:05 PMPosted by BlueFire
you have to delete everything first?

I didnt delete everything first

When i imported it over yesterday , there were some errors loading characters though
no u dont have to delete all but i did after i encountered issue copying to ptr just incase. anyhow as said, copy allows once a week or you will get error.
Copy working fine now. Successfully imported my new PvP gears, including a new 1470 Skorn with bonus Vit.

Trashed a Para 76 Monk 9 times in a row last night, despite her speed and Serenity. LOL..

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