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Havnt been online for 263 days. Come back to play and get the error saying i cant download agreements. Tried all the fixes in the forums as of 2 days ago.

Anything else known about this error? Siiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
Might as well just uninstall the game again.
I am receiving the same error message when I attempt to login to my European account.. I was able to login without a problem 10 hours ago.

I then switched to my American account and was able to logon OK.

Is there a problem with the European servers?
Quoting myself as its 4am and I'm tired >.>

Hopefully can help.

This seems to be an issue with ANZ somehow(aren't we lucky?), blizzard is awair of it and trying to find the cause.

For now there is 2 work arounds which people have reported to fix the issue:

Change your server to EU login then log out and change back to US.

Just go to Options-Account before logging in and change your server to EU.

Change from your ISPs DNS to a public DNS, then change back.

You can see my thread here on how to do this.

Give them a go(the first is really easy) if you still have the issue feel free to post again, but just saying it is known to blizz and they are trying to work out what the cause is.

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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
If you are on the EU server, I found that switching to the US server made no difference in fixing this. Instead I changed the settings to connect to the Asia server which then gave me the agreement. Try that instead.
Having issues with this also, changing servers did not solve the problem, I can access both the EU and Asian servers but not the NA where my characters are.
Same case as well, was using US server, got the error -> change to EU server, got the agreement, go to Asia server -> no problem, login to US server error again. My character is in US server... dont know what to do to fix now...
lol what a joke of a game, havent played in months cos how garbage it was on release. Super bored day off work, what the hell ill login take a look...Error 14404, i see nothings changed
Came back after yonks to get the same error.
Its nice to see second chances arent worth giving, especially to games such as this.
I see a lot of us are in the same boat, havent played for 9 months. Girlfriend and i wanted to play together start some new characters... i go buy the game for her, cant install it... unable to download file (). please check internet connection.... siiiiighhhh.....

Re-install windows 7, can now install game. Go to log in, Error 14404 ...

tried everything to fix it tonight, nothing... can get into the Asian and Euro servers (LAGGY AS ALL HELL)... switch back but same error.

Blizzard, how is this even possible so far into the games life and STILL... STILL you are plagued with issues?
i spent 60 bucks on this game, thought i'll regret it, comes back and trys to give it a second chance, nek minute, 14404, i really regret spending that 60 bucks now
Haven't played in months, reinstalled the other night and getting the same issue with Authentication Module Error 14404. Tried all the steps listed in this, and other, threads including;

a) logging into Asia/EU and then back to America, succesfully logged into the others, no go on America
b) Deleting cache folder
c) flushing DNS Cache
d) Changing DNS to
e) Changing password

Still no go, obviously there is an issue. Hopefully Blizz fix it soon as it appears to have been on-going for over a week now.
New computer, first install of D3 and now get error 14404.

Can log into Asian + EU servers no probs. Like all others, my toons are on US servers. :(

I wonder why blizard just doesn't create an AU server - it would save them money re: support costs.

Probably should start a new Asian server toon - this is probably just what Blizzard is aiming for - to off load stress on US servers.

I hope Asian server ping is good - is there anyone else out there in AU that regularly uses the Asian servers? Can I expect any gaming issues/language difficulties with groups?
Give Path of Exile a go, It's free and has the same feel and atmosphere of that enormously good game Diablo 2. I, like many, could write a novel on the failings of Diablo 3. The sooner those in the gaming industry stop continuing to deny that fact, the sooner the problems can be fixed
so i log in for old times sake and SHAZZAM get this error..are you telling me this hasn't been fixed since the 25th? Ive tried changing regions but that did sweet F all..
changing regions fixed it for me. I went EU to US and then it worked fine
OH NO WAI IS THAT WHAT U DO?.....................doesn't work for everyone apparently :)
Same boat as all above. Live in NZ, haven't been on in about 6months.
Log on to:
US=Error 14404
EU & ASIA = all good to play

My characters are on US server though, and now i have to go to work because i've wasted my free time trying to log on :(

Hope this gets fixed soon
    1: Switch to another server - I use Asia
    2: Create new account/character
    3: Login
    4: Logout
    5: Switch back to America server

No dice, still can't get into Americas server.
I dont think they really care

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