where am i going wrong.

Witch Doctor
If someone out there in the interweb would be kind enough to tell me where im going wrong on this WD

Act 3 MP3 is a joke, purple mobs are taking me ages to take down,i can be running around for upto 5 mins trying to kill these packs.

items are so expensive that im sick of buying a wrong piece,then needing to upgrade it again a few hours later.

Yes im just an average player, who doesn't really get into the nitty gritty of these games. hell i couldnt even find out where my max dps stat was to be found.but i enjoy this game,im just getting bored of farming act3 mp1. i wanna progress

my health seems to be not to bad,im not really getting 1 shotted,but im just not pumping out enough deeps.

hear my prayer....help a noob thanks
I don't even see a WD on your profile.
01/21/2013 08:39 AMPosted by WhiteVirus
I don't even see a WD on your profile.

he's an eu guy

Link your actual profile.
Oh I see.

Ok, first off you're survivability stats seems decent: 50k HP, 3.5K armor, and probably 600~AR?

Since your dps is low and it seems to me that you are using a ROT/AC build. If you wish to stick with ROT and AC that is not an issue, my suggestion would be for you to get some Life on Hit (LOH). Try to aim for around 1K LOH, that should be good for mp2-4.

Also a side note; ROT and AC have one of the best proc rate for us WD's. Try to get some % chance to freeze or stun on your belt & gloves. It will help a lot at higher MP.

Once you get the 1K LOH, you should be able to swap out your defensive passives for more mana sustain & dps passives.

For gear, I would start on your amulet, your amulet have good high main stats, but lacking CC, CD, average damage and most importantly in your case LOH.

I would look into a Zuni Chest also to complete your 4 piece. It helps a great amount at higher MP.
Honestly, you only have a few pieces that I would recommend keeping. Basically all the Zuni stuff. You're weapon is too low dps wise and your offhand has a low average damage. A lot of your armor is a "no go" for inferno. (IMO) I can check my stash to see if I have any gear that would help you out. If I do you can have it. I can also help you with farming runs if needed as well. Best thing you can do right now is not buy "upgrades" every time you have gold. Save it and buy 1 good piece at a time.

BTW, most people farm act 3/mp1 regardless of their dps.
Your main problem is you severely low crit chance. You need at least 40%. You have like 13%. Also, you desperately need a weapon upgrade. You need a 1000+ dps weapon with a socket and preferable life steal. Gear wise you should be on MP1 at the most. You'll need around 100k dps for mp3 to even be fun.

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