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Witch Doctor
Hi I am starting a WD. Are WDs good at fighting Uber? What is the ebst uber build for a party?
no good WD here?
so there is a decent build that is very gear reliant that works great for dpsing ubers. its basically getting your Zombie Dogs to be off CD as much as possible so you can chain sacrifice.


here is one video, you can also do some more searching..

another i have used was a fire spider/ spirit barrage build that is very defensive.. couldnt give you details because i got a great hellfire ring on my 2nd ubers run and have no need to do them at the moment
mmm... as far as i looking at other people's build. I see zombie bear build, and 0 CD Dog build a lot. but both of the build are very Legend item dependent. but WD is a class that you can really play around with. just get to lvl 60 first
I have no prob with MP10 Ubers and I don't use bears or explody dogs. Hit 'em below with "Grasp", above with "Rain" and center with darts. Sometimes I use Snakes to the Face. The stun procs a lot and returns 200% LoH. Good stuff.
ya thecd dog build is expensive.. at the moment im happy with locusts and firebombs... keep up stacks of gruesome feast and soul harvest , and things melt...

also a fan of grasp's corpse drop and raining toads , but soul harvest and spirit walk are a must for any build.. always work those in

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