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Was just letting blizzard know how dupers were scammin them using the Roll back system, but apparently that is against the rules to mention exploits in the forums....I heard some guy braggin about it in the game chat.
This is already confirmed back in October and since its been exponentially increasing (to the level of insanity right now because the dupers KNOW noone is policing it until tomorrow, they stand to gain trillions right NOW).

This is pretty much an emergency. But Blizzard doesn't know about it.
blizz knew it and they didnt do anything ...
blizz knew it and they didnt do anything ...

Then the economy is doomed to go the way of D2 where we trade in duped SOJ's and have to quick-exit exploit to circumvent the warden wipe on game exit.

I don't want that again.
Duping only brings absurdly priced items down over time so I'm cool with it.

The longer Blizzard takes to address this the better it is for non-profit player.
People spend $60+ per attempt. lol
I heard someone braggin about how they were in game chat. I wont say who because I am not a snitch.

Don't run your mouth about people duping and methods
if you don't want to give names.
You've wasted everyone's time and will probably
get banned for telling people how it's done.
Blizzard not so big on sharing exploits, son.

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