What do I need to upgrade/change?

I usually use the skorn build for team uber runs at MP7/8.

Appreciate any upgrade suggestions
1st: change your build to DT
2st: if you not want to change build to DT 33:
- little tweak of your build, change Thieves of Chao to Insanity, you can't keep WOTB with your as, change unforgiving to passive 20% armor.
- Change your rare ring to ring with as, cd( or cc)
- Change skorn to as skorn: 7-11as, 1k3dps, 300str, >170str
- Change Visage to mempo 200str, it cheap and can rise your EHP a lot
- Change 170 str Ik belt to 240 str
40khp; 1,5-1,7 asps; 7k armor; 500RA is enough EHP.

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