Need some tweaking

Witch Doctor
So, I have seen WD's with similar or slightly better gear pulling higher dps and soloing higher MP levels than I can. I am also just coming back from a couple months break. I think I may have missed a few nerfs/buffs somewhere. How am i sitting and how can I improve?
Well, I just found out the whole "black damage" thing. That definitely happened while i was gone. I am pretty much going to rebuild the whole WD now.
At first glance I can see the following
1)Need more crit chance
2)Need more crit damage
3)Need more armor

Get a witching hour, Get a your crit chance up to 40's (helm/mojo/gloves/amulet/bracers)
Get vile wards.

While you dont need to revolve your set around black damage(in most cases mana knife will do better then black weapons) but getting a knife with an open socket really helps. With no mana passive and pierce the veil you have to be having mana problems. Drop it for Blood ritual.

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