WTF is the point of elemental damage?

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WTF is the point of lightning, cold, fire, poison, and arcane damage when they don't have any special effects!? Other than it looking different...What an insult to release D3 in this trash state. The 2010 version was 100000x better than this trash.
Puggleman made a very good point. I've played many ARPG games from young till now. Certain monsters should be weak against certain element. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned it at all till now. All players are crying out for buffs and de-buffs for certain classes and if Blizzard implement monster weaknesses against certain elemental damage, all the buffs and de-buffs are totally un-necessary.
This can also help make some of the legendary weapons / armor with certain elements more sought after rather than players all going for skorns, innas, Tal-rashas etc.
I remember back in D2 finding a 3 socketed bardiche and filling it up with topaz's. That thing was a crazy gambler's weapon. Sometimes you'd hit for nothing and other times you'd one shot elites.

Diablo 3's elemental types are pretty pointless.
lol this is what blizzard said:

"Enchanted with frost and electricity to stun and freeze opponents"

Uhhh, what? We don't have ANYTHING like that in D3
What is the point of even having elemental damage when it does NOTHING but remind us of how the game SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!???
Makes weapons glow!
I'm hoping elemental strength and weakness for monsters and all classes will be the issue that Blizzard will look into next after 1.07. Really pointless to buff and de-buff classes for every patch....
remember that the Blizz team workin on D3 are LARP professionals so use your imagination like they do and it will be fine

try to stay in character more and don't overplay your role

That's a good excuse for neglecting a game mechanic. They should get rid of armor and weapons too. I'm sure if you roleplay hard enough it won't be a big deal.
Yeah I was really surprised to see that mobs weren't resistant/vulnerable to certain types of elemental damage.

Yet another corner cut by Jay Wilson and his team.
It made the game too complicated... /sarcasm
it reequired too much work to implement poison/fire DOT, Electric stuns, Frost freeze, Arcane push back.

They pretty much said screw it and added random affixes to weapons that do the same things.
Early in the game's development...elemental dmg on weapons would actually change dmg type on ur abilites.

the above link has a youtube link of diablo III's first gameplay trailer. Ohh what a great game it could have been
only cold has a function.. sadly...
The dev team may think such effect is dupicate as you can have " chance to XXX on hit".
Imagine if elemental damage actually did something special AND that weapon enchant gems gave that particular elemental damage. Terrific variety of possibilities! Instead the only two gems that are arguably viable are ruby and emerald. If gems provided specific elemental damage and effects, every gem would potentially be endgame viable...especially if such damage was stackable and/or enhanced by modifiers on other weapons.
a certain D3 dev probably said:

Players dont want to make any decisions like what element to use. Lets take it to the next step and remove monster elemental resistance as well. God forbid they have more than 1 weapon.

They will THANK US!
This is a glaring problem with the game but sadly wouldn't even make a top ten of necessary fixes.

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