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I will not be playing anymore, and i felt like i'd share some of the reasons.

I've had fun on 3 different account since launch, but I just can't log on and have fun anymore.

I love the Diablo Franchise, i love everything that the Diablo games stand for, we've been improving this game little by little since launch, and its nice to see that at least some work is going into managing this game.

When Diablo 3 came out, I didn't really expect the game to be so much different than it was led on to be, from taking out the Charm system, to taking out the Runestone Skill system, they chipped away what little they had to keep a mass player base attached to the game.

I cried when Deckard Cain died, and it was a very emotional moment for me, because i did think Deckard Cain was a Vital part of the Diablo series. I didn't really understand the storyline that much, but I did appreciate what work went into creating the game, i just think i've been trying to like this game so much the past year almost, that its drained me of what hope I've had for it to be a successor to the Diablo 2 game, when in fact, it was a totally different game.

The creators of Diablo 3 DID put very hard work into making this game and i appreciate that, but its just not what most everyone who came from the first two diablo games had wanted.

I will be buying the expansion when it comes out because i have issues.

A few more reasons i will be leaving is listed as follows :

--Crafting system is very bland, and typical. Its no horradric cube, that's for sure.

--No charms, runes, or jewels, just another thing that keeps people interested for a very long time, that wasn't in the game.

--Party-Group System, this could have been so much better than it is, people have even linked threads upon threads of different chat party systems that were Highlighted and Extremely liked, I have no idea why Blizzard didn't listen to these ideas, they were great.

--4 people per party yet 5 classes?

-- All of my friends have quit, its hard to play a game alone for an extended period of time.

--There isn't a true endgame, like diablo 2 , you could do so many different runs and have it be profitable at end game, whereas diablo 3 is Act 3 over and over and over again.

--RMAH, this will never leave diablo 3, and this is a huge downfall for this game. Pay to Win is highly frowned upon by so many people.

--Trading no longer exists like it did in Diablo 2, Player to Player interaction is crucial if you're going to force people to be online 24/7, yet there is none, you join a group, run through, have a few laughs or w.e, then its over.

-- Light Radius, the Dark Gritter atmosphere you EXPECT in a Diablo game wasn't there, Halls of Agony is an exception, the best place in the whole game was that area, imagine if it was darker? O.O

++I love Diablo, i just wish it was everything i expected it to be.

TLDR; Played this game for too long, with too little results, i gave a lot, didn't get much back, taking a break until the expansion to see if everything is fixed.
you will be buying their expansions? case is closed... they won.
01/21/2013 05:14 PMPosted by familia
Just leave and comeback when they fix things to your liking.

I felt the same and left 3 months into d3's release and I went and tried the 3 other contending games and i realized d3 was the best and i was being excessively picky. Blizzard has not stopped working on this game since they started and they plan to continue to do this for us.

"The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard"

Rob Pardo
You could have stopped at "pay to win". The problem with it of course is that it's a trap. If you balance the game for the "payers", its too hard for everyone else, but if you balance it for the "players", the payers dominate and make the game miserable for everyone else.

It's no different from all those web game (like lord of ultima - or whatever it was called) where you either pay, you you play free and basically volunteer to be cannon fodder for those who paid.

"Pay to win" equals broken game - no matter how good the developer.

And I will not be buying the expansion. It would be pretty darn hypocritical of me to do otherwise. I know they don't care about the forums. My wallet is the only way to make myself heard.
01/21/2013 06:33 PMPosted by xxBarabbasxx
TLDR; Played this game for too long, with too little results,

I reckon if you spent that many hours on just 1 game, enviably you'd be bored of it. That is what happens when you eat, breathe and sleep just 1 game...

Yeah, i guess your right.

I poured and poured hours into this game.

I loved it for a very long time, just got old, for me, i still know many people that love the paragon grind.
welcome back.. making new threads on D3 forums... fail. either go away and don't come back, or don't post silly " i leave naooo!!! " threads.
I wish everyone would stop crying.... Blizzard made the game the way they wanted it to be and thats that. We can't do anything about it. Just enjoy it while you can. Cuz you never know, Blizzard could go bankrupt some day.

Inb4 blizzard wont go bankrupt because of the 11 million wow players paying 15$ a month.

Look at THQ, a very successful game producer, yet they went bankrupt.

It can happen to anyone...
Can I haz gear?

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