A friendly farewell to Diablo 3

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Again, I don't really understand the point of these threads. D3 likely entertained you for well over the expected amount for what $60 gets you. You may "want" to keep liking it, but if you're bored of it because you played it too much or it's just not doing it anymore, then move on. Take a break, or go play something else. I have a feeling if you play something else in the genre, you will realize you've taken a lot of what D3 has to offer for granted.

D2 created a huge, fanatical fanbase. Some people are disappointed, fine. No one's arguing. But, there are some ridiculous expectations for apparently unlimited content that will keep you perpetually entertained for the rest of your life. How many hours have you gotten out of it? I have probably 3-400 hundred hours combined across all my characters. I still play because I'm still having fun. If tomorrow I get bored, I might be a little bummed out but I would say hey, that $60 bought me a high and fulfilling amount of entertainment. Skyrim was heralded because one play through could take 100 hours. Whoopie, some people have played D3 for 10x, possibly even 20x that amount. Think realistically, and stop feeling like they need to make a game that is perfectly suited to individual players with insane expectations.
Maybe it was too easy for you? Did you buy your way to the top, or party with others to level quickly? Two suggestions: Play hardcore or try Ironman mode. Read about it here:


Hopefully you have never created any characters on the Asian or European server, so that is where to restart. Take the hard mode of play and feel a REAL accomplishment.
Here is a suggestion. Play PoE, its a fantastic game and its free. I have spent about 35 hours on it so far and its a major win in my book.

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