Sprint RTLW movement speed breakpoint?

Hey fellow barbs,

After searching forums for a while I didn't see any definitive posts about the 4 vs 5 tornado RLTW breakpoint. My ice climbers I got as a steal on the AH, but now that I am more knowledgeable about some of the game mechanics and breakpoints after thread's like Uberjager's and such I am wondering if I am getting 4 or 5 tornadoes from RLTW with my current Ice Climbers, which only provide 10% move speed (giving me a total of 22% rather than 24% like many barbs).

I would go test this with a cheap set of 11% and 12% movement speed boots, but I have had my laptop in "repair" for 2 months now by HP so I"m unable to test :( Thank god it will be here by next week. If anyone knows the move speed breakpoint or could test and let me know i would appreciate it as I've recently been obsessing over it after I thought of it. I'd like my effective DPSto be as high as possible.

Also if anyone has any pointers on my gear I wouldn't object to some advice as well. Thanks all
any thoughts?
I think d3rawr calcs tdps with only 3.5 nados ticking on a target. I don't care about 4vs5 nados. I care about running at max speed.
Ah, sorry i made that part a little confusing. I don't actually care about the tdps number on a calculator necessarily, but when doing ubers or higher MP in game I would like to get out that 5th tornado if possible to help me out with damage.

I will just test the move speed when I get my laptop back, and maybe look into some high vit inna's so i can get some better stats on the ice climbers since i'm lacking strength. Lots of things to think about once i get some farming time in, thanks for the input
24% movement speed is the minimum amount needed for 5 nados.
Ah perfect, that is really helpful to know. Thanks Beeotch and Phat, looks like I'm gonna have to start thinking about some gear changes!
I could be wrong on this, but if you're in perma zerker you're pretty much never gonna see a 4th or 5th tornado due to spamming sprint every couple of seconds.

I would wager 3 is the most I get out of a sprint while fighting ubers, rarely a 4th, to burn enough fury.

Though I could just be doing it wrong lol
Wow good point, never really thought about this. I'm in perma zerk a lot for higher MP, over 50% of the time so I never thought about that. I will definitely take that into some consideration. Didn't even think about sprint resetting the number of tornadoes thanks for that tip, that will save me quite a bit of gold if it turns out thats true after a bit of testing, thanks man!
why not spam battle rage andonly spam Sprint when needed?
Dino and Nubtro did a bunch of work on this.

You can get 5 tornadoes to spawn with 0% movespeed on gear.

You are also comparing the wrong %'s --

WotB: 20%
Sprint: 40%
Gear move speed: 12/22/24%

Your total speed is 172, 182, 184%. You can see that there's not much difference here between 182/184. You aren't going to cover significantly more ground.

Main advantage for move speed stacking is you get hit less often.

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