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If the gems are account bound the gems should be a lot cheaper to craft. At the moment it is a ridiculous amount of money to have something account bound.

I understand it's the best gold sink they can do...but seriously...bit expensive for BOA in my opinion.
If they will be account bound noone will make them thats a dumb idea.I admit maybe they will drive the market abit for awhile.If your not a flipper in this game your screwed.Flippers could ruin gem prices then noone will be able to sell gems.

So i have placed 2 thoughts of mine enjoy.
I wish people would just shuttup :( clearly the idea of account bound has multiple reasons. If you have a problem with that, then YOU were one of the reasons!
I already spent 2hrs crafting all the way up from flawless square -> radiant star x2. Just waiting for my chance to craft me a new gem! If it turns out to not be much of an improvement for my 6% LS Skorn then I will either chuck it in storage or find a weapon that it is more suited too!

I remember a time when I was at the bottom of the barrel so to speak. Running around picking up everrrrrrything I could to sell on the AH, including tomes, gems, even salvaging blues for the essences! The demand created by crafting created a new economy which enabled the little guy to work his way up into better gear without relying on getting lucky.

Account bound Top Tier gems will make them shiny red and green flawless sqr gems worth a LOT to the little guys... and that's a good thing!
Account bound Top Tier gems will make them shiny red and green gems worth a LOT to the little guys... and that's a good thing!

Non bound would actually make your selling of essence/tears/tomes/gems more money....
What ever happened to an open "RPG"?

When did it become standard practice that everything had to be tightly controlled?

Now that may sound like a whine but im trying to drive home a point. Over-thinking something is just as bad as underconsideration.

All of the suggest methods of these additions to whats already in place just dosent fit this style of game for me.

Why not just put the additonal crafting and gems into the existing system and devote more time to more secret (non-secret) areas to explore and additional items, leg, and sets.

Dont get me wrong, I think all of these are great Idea's. But D3's overall problem to me is size. Theres just not enuf to explore, yet.
I am sorry, are we playing fookin WoW or what?
01/31/2013 12:06 PMPosted by DonDadda
Account Bound is a HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!

yes, but they dont care
01/31/2013 12:06 PMPosted by DonDadda
Wont use them either Account Bound is a HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!
users dont know what they want and as a hardcore player i can tell you that letting people sell these gems i a really bad idea for the economy
Hm, I wonder how many players can afford to craft a Marquise gem? I certainly won't bother to waste what little gold I get on these jumbo gems. And even if I could, I don't see how the price-performance ratio on these fat babies justifies the humonguous expense. Who in his right mind would ever think that I would cough upp gazillions of Blizz bucks just to farm one or two MP levels higher? I mean, what sort of foolish single-cell organism would be so stup....

C'mon, stay positive...say something productive, man!... Uh... okay:
1. Make gems twice or three times as powerful as they are now
1b. Introduce a dozen new kind of gems (4? Really that's it? Sheesh!)
2. Reduce the price of gem crafting by 80 or 90 precent.
3. Introduce auotmated gem upgrades where players do not have to activate slow and time-consuming single-step updates, but where they can choose the final upgrade version they want straight away.
4. Account bound Marquises? I'll worry when I'll get there. Under the current gem regimen that would be: never.

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The horrible idea is the 5m for unsocketing...
I've a monk and dh that share a emerald for 100% cd and i swap it very i must pay 5M every change????????
In a game where stuff is based on loot

In a game where you guys set up an AH/RMAH

you are going to make an item that is going to cost XXX of gold to want to make that account bound?

How does that make any sense at all in a DIABLO game? the entire game was setup around loot and being able to trade/sell/give items to other people.

like someone said this DIABLO/WOW now? cause i do not remember buying WOW...i bought DIABLO

and to point out to what someone said above...if you have a character that uses XXX gem...and you create a new char that uses YYY gem....even though you can swap account bound items among your is still going to be a useless gem for that new char.
So a gem that I have very little chance to every actually create because of its cost, (assuming gold find drops aren't increased; because I don't enjoy "AH - the game" or Credit Card - the game) will cost 100m gold? So an item I will have to work towards for 1/2 of a year to acquire the gold, then doesn't have any gold value after I make it?

Good GOD, just stop with the BoA items. Seriously. Stop creating tiers of items that no legitimate semi - casual non Credit Card player can ever hope to obtain. You split the player base into normal and elite. Its fine as long as you keep adding stuff for the "normal" players to do, but if all your additions are only for the elite players, the game will eventually kill off all the normal player base. These gems are pipe-dreams for normal players...

these new top end gems will be account bound...

will they still be account bound if socketed into a item?
Blizz doesnt know how to combat duping...

so all BIS should be account bound according to them. Easy hotfix.
Its account bound because this game needs a gold sink, bad. What's a better gold sink than a ~80m gem?
02/01/2013 05:05 PMPosted by uRasq
Its account bound because this game needs a gold sink, bad. What's a better gold sink than a ~80m gem?

15%AH cut on every Marquise gem sold would be alot bigger of a gold sink than making them bound lol.

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