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Marquise gems are no longer Account Bound on PTR. Is this a bug? The patch notes still state:

"•A new tier of account-bound gems of has been added to the game: Marquise "

I know that placing Marquise gems into a Item last patch build made the item BOA, even after they were removed. You've stated this was a bug, which has been fixed in the latest build.

So has this fix created a new bug where the gems are also no longer bound or is this intentional?

Diablo is not about account bound items that is lame as heck.
I want to be able to sell a gem for 20M a pop
Not using them if account bound. Whats the point in spending 80m on something I can never sell? Stupid bloody idea.
I can't get rich by exploiting the marquise market!!1

And that's terrible.
Yeah , you know what. I plan on crafting them. That's it. I put too much time into my Barb to not see to it that he is fully decked out.
This is crazy. How do you expect me to spend more gold than I've ever picked up in my 500+/- hours playing this game to create a gem that adds 10% crit damage? Also once I made it... I can't compare other weapons to it without paying a 5million gold unsocket fee? Who is making this game, trainees? I thought I was dealing with Blizzard Entertainment, the greatest gaming company in the world.
Sure, account-binding items/gems prevents the duplication problem. However, it takes away from the game play that I've enjoyed for over 15 years of my Diablo 1, 2, and 3 experience. Except for Hellfire ring crafting ingredients, portal staves/ingredients, keywarden keys, etc., nothing should be automatically account bound.

With the understanding that duping DOES and will continue to occur, fixing THOSE problems and identifying the responsible accounts then banning them should be the number-one priority. If money is the name of the game, then hey guess what: that person who violated the terms and conditions of the game has to BUY another account in order to play! Yay! Right? More money and less incentive to cheat.

I have a [partial] solution that I hope you'll consider: In past games played (Guild Wars in particular), we (the player) had the option of customizing single items at the cost of rendering the item character (not account, but CHARACTER) bound (please never do character binding, account binding is perfect) and in return we received a small bonus like +20% weapon damage (the Diablo 3 equivalent would be something like +10-20 damage or something small, yet noticeable). To take it one step further, you could create this same option for armor / offhands and give us choices like +xxx armor, +xx resist all, +x% crit chance, etc etc. The player benefits from the additional statistic and it provides security from having their items stolen. It also reduces the likelihood of peoples accounts wanting to be hacked / stolen for their items (yes, I have an authenticator already to help prevent that, but that's not my point).

I hope you'll reconsider the account binding situation. It really hinders your players'/fans'/customers' gaming experience. I've personally spent probably over $2000 on the real money auction house, but had I known the game would run into situations like this, I probably would have rethought my actions more clearly.

As noted in the [url=""]patch 1.0.7 PTR patch notes[/url], Marquise gems should be account-bound, although the designs for them are not account-bound.

There’s currently a bug on the PTR, however, that’s causing some slippery Marquise gems produced by Covetous Shen not to be account-bound. But we've had a chat with him, and those gems should become account-bound shortly as well – either in a future PTR build or once 1.0.7 launches.

(Note: Socketing a Marquise gem into an item will make that item temporarily account-bound. Once the gem is unsocketed, though, the item will no longer be bound.)

They shouldn't be account bound though ;( Makes no sense. The huge costs will make them not that desirable for what you get.
I am new to the PTR, I'd like to try the new Rubies. Must I find the recipe, and craft them, or is there another way?
god the devs are retarded

if items in a game are completely unnatainable to the average player how is that fun.

i have over 700 hours on my DH and have yet to even pick up 62 million gold.

yes i have sold a lot of items and what not but a 62 million gold sink that i cant even sell. i will probably only craft 2 for my weapon but that will take me months of grinding so im probably just going to quit playing
Account binding, just don't do it. Account binding is bad mkay?
02/02/2013 10:10 AMPosted by Darmival
As noted in the [url=""]patch 1.0.7 PTR patch notes[/url], Marquise gems should be account-bound, although the designs for them are not account-bound.

Account bound gems are not a good idea.

What the heck happened to this being a Diablo game? Account bound gems, account bound rings, account binding armor.

Take your WoW mechanics out of Diablo please, they don't belong here.

+1 to this.
in my opinion they don't the game will fail sooner then later they say we should respond in positive criticism but they don't listen lost more then 65% of the player already they will lose another 15% by the fact they brought more stuff that no one can do anything with what the point of crafting a gem say 3 in a armor that 300mil gold ok then i have to spend 15mil to take out three gems that freaking insane i myself when the new gems come could craft a full barb worth of gems i wont because its a waste of time it take 2 6 days to get the money back depending on gold and loot drops for just taking out 1 gem. so when i upgrade i got to spend 5 mil to take out a gem in my helm lol sound smart to u?

not to mention the the shear lack of creative thought put into the new blacksmiths pieces i got gear that is godly what if i craft 300mil worth of stuff get items that would be worth something on the ah but not good enough to improve. sell them on the ah? but wait you cant sell them so i will nvr use the system i made a post earlier about complainers well im at the tip of quitting blizzards games period i sick of the constant disappointment i some to sell my stuff and just quit ik got bout 1000$ on my barb i can make off his gear let them get there 15% and be done with blizzard games

make a decision about the game make its worth it to the community

they don't care anymore about us they made there money of the game and people using the RAHM still feeding them it see lately the AH slow way down post an item it fails most of the time

super laggy in games bug still acure from patch 104 i still seeing happening trade hacks and drops hacks still exist

in my opinion oh yea they fix things. don't get me wrong. lol

but they didnt fix anything that meaningful to the community.
its already to late they don't care what we think they prove that by the lagging games the AH taking 15 minutes to process the fact i want to sell something for 100k gold and the new stuff just adds to the dumb idea list t5hey ask for a feed back they don't care what we are all saying because if they did they would have been changed the stupid idea of account bound items even the hell ring was a dumb idea account bound really oh we will make it go back to the brimstone really. that why i charge to do mp10 ubers that the only way ill do it if someone pays me to carry in mp10 the new items i wont use any of them

the only reason i wont even if they changes the price of the gem crating and the price to take out the gems would be because there account bound i wont use no item that are account bound i wont be crafting them. i agree there a reason this is completely different from wow. theirs a reason we play diablo and not wow. if they make this any more like wow i wont play period they will lose the rest of the people who play this game unless there peoples that play this game that like wow. that will be one small group.

don't they see there game losing people more and more peoples everyday. soon there wont be enough people to fill 100 games that one diablo server.

oh well its not our game if they want it to sink to nothing that on them. i wont lose sleep over it :)
Reading through this thread over and over and its unbelievably clear that the vast majority of players disagree with marq gems being account bound.

Its a reasonable compromise blizz! You increased each gems creating to 10 demonic ess each AND you reduced the DE drop rate by half or more.

That means a superelite farmer will be hard pressed to make more than two marq gems per hour of play regardless of any other factor. This makes it perfectly fine to unbound the final product since the DE requirement cannot be circumvented, you must farm, and farm hard in order to make large amounts of marq gems, either for personal use or for sale at a profit (oh the humanity) There is literally no reason left for marqs to remain account bound.
Only reason I can see for these to remain BOA is that Blizzard still hasn't worked out how, or acknowledged, people are Duping.

Duped items are noticable, Duped gems are not.
al item are noticable every item created and or found gems or not have a id code if they both had the same exact stats if they were duped they would no by seeing that the id numbers if the same on both items how ever two exact ly same stated items or both legit found they would have two different id codes they even said they coded each item and that they can see what a player had in stash inventory and or equipped they have logs of all that stuff. so they know its going on now im going on all the blue posts i read i read every one i log on here every day to see what blues gotta say since the day 1 release.

but also recognize that in diablo2 there was no contacting blizzard or fourms postings no official diablo site for positing forums was the diablo 2 official site no forums or direct contact with blues of any kind. all you saw there was what they were gonna patch next. you couldn't have an opinion. here we have one sort of. but they dont have the experience with diablo like blizzard north. so they asked for our suggestions. then do what they want anyway :) don't get me wrong i believe this inst diablo 3. this is the sequel to the lion king. you no 1, 2 then 1 and a half.

i had the up most respect for diablo even when the game first came out. it had 3 times more potential then it does now.

now its so easy my niece who 8 come on here and can play inferno. she back then i had god gear for the most part and i as a dh cus that was my first class couldn't even do inferno. in act3. had the legacy nat set. it was just to hard but i loved that. they basically turned this is into an adults kids game.
i remember before paragon even existed and ice climbers before they had sockets the set piece none of witch had sockets i remember all this then new crap and more new crap then more items then gold sinks then new patch paragons wow leoric ring jump in price then 105 patch hell ring learic shot down in price3 other items changed in prices items stats varies with price. then first boa item more gold sinks 106 not even a real patch just a bug fix. lol now 107 coming out more boa items lol really? fix the game not make more people want to leave people already thinking about it will if they do this i no i will but i don't even play the normal 18hrs every day that i used to if blue u read this you no this to be true because its in your records no i might play 1 or 2 hrs maby every other days diablo I'm lost my faith that diablo is salvageable. unless they bring out the expansion witch i wont buy unless i see someone else play the expansion and see that its a viable solution. if these new items come out boa i will be done i wont even sell them for real money in attempt to save 500 to 800 $ for my gear i wouldn't want to get anything from them them i feel it would disrespect the people who made the diablo franchise. i will leave peacefully.

I hope that blizzard can solve the problems make it like it was certainly the release of the game was way more viable then it is now.. some of will agree or disagree with my statements. people who want it easy will disagree the people who want a challenge will agree with me. ok sorry for the wall of text :)
If you are concerned about the price of the gems and them being account bound well I am afraid the gems weren't designed for you. They were designed to take money and gems out of the game, something which is desperately needed when everyone seems to be walking around with billions of gold spare, not unless of course 99% of this community is talking out their backsides?? Surely not..

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