Armor + Resist all is a Must... on your Gears

I think the best decision I ever made was to go back to sword & board and tweak my build with more HPs. I dropped some dps but my EHP is so much better...even with a slight drop in armor. I moved up from farming MP2 to MP4. I have ~87.5k unbuffed dps and that seems to be more than enough with my self buffs and skills to mow down mobs quickly. Looting is the hardest part with no pickup radius.

I think it was mentioned but the challenge becomes affording your next upgrades to increase your dps. I spent about 50-60M recently upgrading a few pieces of gear and now I'm at a point that without that much gold or more...I'm pretty much stuck where I'm at. Once the upgrades start costing 8-9 figures you really starting hoping for some RNG love.
I just came back to diablo after a 3 month break.
I quit because monk was so broken and impossible to play (back then).

After coming back, i got a lucky Leoric Signet while i was leveling my monk, sold it for 16m.

I spent 1.5mil to re-gear my monk, completely.

Got 700 Resist all, 4500 base armor (7000+ with deadly reach armor.)

Just started Inferno again and its just so easy now.

Still cant handle MP3+ because im lacking lifesteal/healing. But at least monk is viable now.

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