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Witch Doctor
Hi guys,

just started playing again. I've got my WD dps to around 55k (no PtV) but I haven't gone LoH, but got a good amount of life regen. But still, I find survival tough at higher mps.

What does everyone else do? Is LoH the way to go?
LOH if you use acid Cloud or Rain of toads
LS if you use bears or Well of souls.
I personally use both, cant be too careful. 1000+life regen doesn't hurt either but not required.
LOH all the way. I only have it on my weapon, but it's 1800+ and I do quite fine using rain of toads and acid cloud. I don't use acid rain even though it procs more... use slow burn for the initial crit and slow ticks of damage. I have been using this build for a while and I can solo MP10 with it.
Below 100K DPS life steal doesn't work so well. I would suggest you pick up some life on hit, probably around 1000 would really help you. Blackthorn's pants would be a good upgrade for you as you can get 400+ life on hit on them.
I usually just camp behind the 4 pets and just spam bears or fire bombs. Spirit Walk to escape tough situation and don't die often in mp 8-9. With the pets tanking I have enough regen to recover a few hits.
I only have 2.5% life steal (no life on hit) and I rarely die doing MP1 act 3 clears. The only times I die are against reflect mobs and it's because I'm being lazy.
You can get 30k+ to globes and potions pretty easily on a budget as another option.
Go for the Zero Dogs with "For the Master" rune, it will net you 6k hp per dog and Final Gift rune you more health globes.

It is worth it for the gold you spend.
I'm doing well by having a mixture of:
2.6 life steal
over 1k+ life regen
and 1k+ life on kill

I utilize locusts with the rune than gives a 100% chance to jump, with the life steal it can really give you a ton of life back at all times.

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