spirt barrage phlebmotize rune reflect dmg

Witch Doctor
Has anyone tried this to help with reflect dmg? I am struggling with it and hoping that buying a life steal weapon is not the only option.

It would suck if that is the only type of weapon you can use.
I have. I have 3% LS on my wep, so I was thinking it would be a nice 6% total. Personally, I had much better returns with WoS rune due to the extra dmg.
I just don't think the 3% rune is enough to counter RD.
Also does life on hit + acid rain work?
1. 800+ Loh with AC or RoT
2. 3% LS weapon with Phlebotomize or Vampire Bats will work

I used to run 2, now trying out 2.8 LS and 500 Loh with AC.
Thx for advice

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