Inexperienced WD looking for some guidance

Witch Doctor
I'm currently farming for keys and I'm unsure as to what to do with my money. What are some of the most urgent upgrades I need to get? My budget's limited to a few millions at the moment and I can't seem to find any significant improvement within that range. Keep in mind I'll be replacing my terrible rare ring with whatever Hellfire I roll.
I'm aware of the guides, thanks. Just looking for the opinion of people more experienced than me about my specific situation.
if you are looking for significant upgrades in order I would start with
1)Better damage range off hand
2)Better amulet(with CC+CD+int)
3)Weapon with life steal
4)Save for a witching hour
5)Vile wards with int +Vit
6)Jousting mail if you are using Acid cloud

start there.
Thanks a bunch
if you want to PvP, you might also look into a shield with high vit, life %. A blue has already commented that other players will also be considered "Elites" so a Stone of Jordan might be BIS against Elites and other players

life steal isn't important in pvp but life regen and vit/life% is

life steal is more to survive reflect packs and higher mp's where they hit hard

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