TR questions! Druin ??

if i wanted to set up a TR build, how much spirit gen would i need in my soj ring and helm to allow me to keep wearing my amulet and gloves? (both have some attack speed)

would a good helm and a good ring be enough for me to be able to do it??? i have a skorn buried away somewhere
I would suggest dropping at least one of the IAS items. I tried more than 2x IAS+ items and they just prevent me from using conviction (have to use circularB). Also depends whether u rely on spirit spenders other than TR (I use cyclonestrike, hence need more spirit regen). If its just TR with a FoT you might pull it off.

I'm looking for someone with exact numbers myself =P. But with just Innas and skorn, the minimum to maintain perma TR w/o FoT is ~12-13 s/sec i think.
anyone out there with a soj and a helm over 2 spirit regen that i can try on for a second and see how i go?


also, what a soj worth with over 2 spirit regen and 10% sweeping wind damage?
ok! just if anyone's interested - it CAN be done! soj @ 2.2 regen and helm at 2.5
been doin forever--check my profile. xep neck is hardly ideal/needed tbh.

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