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I realize that this subject has probably been discussed on the forums before, but since everyone's system is different i thought i'd ask to make sure i'm making the right choice here.

I currently have a dell Precision T3400 with the following basic specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz x2
Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 with 256MB 64 bit DDR2
Dell 0TP412 motherboard
Windows Vista (Can upgrade to 7 if necessary, but I'd rather just leave it as is)

The graphics card is in the PCIe 16x slot and i was looking to replace it to improve the performance of Diablo 3. I don't have much of a budged and basically only want a card good enough to run D3 smoothly. As of right now, it is playable, but i'm getting an input delay of about a half second and the whole game feels a bit jumpy.

My question is would a newer graphics card improve the performance of D3 or will my system bottleneck the card?

I was looking at the GeForce GT 610 as it is cheap and has 4x the memory as my current card and has DDR3 rather than DDR2.

Thanks in advance for your help and let me know if I need to share more of my system specs.
what kind of power supply do you have ? Pull your dell service conde from the back, find specs and see what kind of video card can your PSU pull. Get it. Prefab dell systems usually have crap PSU in them, so i do not think you have much room to improve.
Thanks for the reply.

It looks like I have a 525W PSU. Dell part# RW118

The specs for the Nvidia GeForce GT 610 say it requires a 300W PSU with a Minimum of 16 Amps on the +12 Volt Rail, however, I am unsure what that means.

Obviously my PSU is 525W, which meets the requirement, but how can I find out what the Amps on the +12 rail are for my current setup?
Quick update. It does look like the card is supported via the Dell service tag upgrade options on the Dell website, which leads me to one final question.

Although it appears that by upgrading to this video card, I meet or exceed the recommended system requirements for D3, would any of my other system specs prevent it from running properly?
do not get the 610. (the way it works with video cards, XY0 for nvidia) x is the generation, Y is actual power output. You really want to get that 1 to 5 or so. i didnt even know there is a 610 produced. ie 290 will probably outperform 610.

290 is actually a really really powerful card. i do not think it is what bottlenecks your performance. maybe ram ? or bad HDD ?

edit: Refer to this:
Cool, thanks for the link.

It looks like the 610 is about 3x better than the 290 according to that site:

So, i think i'm just going to go with it since its really the only thing i can see that would be inhibiting the performance. When it comes down to it a 1GB DDR3 card has more power than the 256MB DDR2 card. I get what you're saying about the numbering scheme, but it seems that a card 4 generations ahead would most assuredly be more powerful regardless of the second number.

It also looks like I would be able to install the 620, 630, or 640. The 640 looks to be the best "value", but it is 3x the price of the 610 and I'm not sure if I would be able to utilize a card that powerful with my current setup.

Since the 610 is only $30, i think i'll grab one of those first and see if that is enough since i really only need a little more power that i already have. I'm not looking for top of the line stellar graphics, just enough to play bliz games smoothly.

Thanks for all the help, i'll post an update down the line after I have the new card installed to let everyone know how it went. =P

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