need monk gear help

What is the cheapest thing for me to upgrade that will raise my dps? I am wanting to hit 100k base dps, and not really sacrifice resist/health. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Why not try getting Nat's boots and ring for an extra 7% crit chance? I think that would do it.
Things you could upgrade idk about cheapest

Get your 2nd hand weapon to have as near the same dps as your first
This one might be the most expensive

Get your ring to have at least 2 damage mods like crit critdmg ias
This probably isn't that expensive compared to upgrade your weapon but I don't know it will get you to 100k

Your Gems could all be upgrade any extra dex is going to help but probably only a bit
Cheapest option if you just upgrade them a bit

The pants will eventually go might be time to upgrade them I know they are pretty staple for monks and they look sexy but they are not always the best option.
Probably not cheap either as innas are very good for what they cost.
Change your gloves to atk spd and cc,bracers to 6% cc,amulet with cc and cd,boots with higher dex.
Thanks for the help. I am going to start upgrading my gems in my gear, and work towards the 2 piece nat set. Working on getting the boots now, then will try to find/buy nat ring with cc.

The 2nd hand weapon is going to be super expensive to get it near same dps as my main. The ammy won't be hard to upgrade, if I could sacrifice the 500 LoH on it (which in turn....if I can raise my dps, then I need less LoH cause of my LL).

I am also thinking about getting the witching hour belt, but dumping 20-30 mil for 4-5k damage increase just doesn't seemed justifiable yet...

The gloves, I am happy with...for now. After a while, I am going to try for trifecta, but the resist on my gloves + cc and cd help quite a bit.

Anyways, I have a couple ideas to work towards, and hopefully that will help push me way past 100k mark.....Nat ring + nat boots.....CD + CC ammy.....and upgrade all my gems should be a nice start. Thanks everybody

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