300-400k dmg with no SS?

Demon Hunter
is it possible? if so, how? i have some pretty insane gear on my DH and i can't break 150k dmg.
See diabloprogress DPS unbuffed and click on one of the DH.
Its possible 99% of dhs use archery so keep it in there.

Im looking to upgrade right now. Currently at 291k dps without sharpshooter, steady aim or a manticore.

Def possible. I will break the 300k mark.
I have it. Trust me its possible.
your crit chance is pretty low
wow .. really insane gear..
OP, those all your main gears? not MF gears?.. and u have 100k ish dps without SA (i don know how u keep firing from 10 yards).. i use crap gears from all my chars (i play all 5 classes).. 150k dps (archery passive) and I have 500 AR and 50k HP w/o passive..
Natalya's Sight without CC isn't exactly 'insane', you could get better dps by switching to an Andy's.
Insane ~~ :P ~~~
I'd switch out the Nats sight for one with cc. And I'd ditch the mf stats for better stats like cd or cc. The DML is pretty weak. These can roll 20% Atk Spd so don't waste it. I see your weakest link as the amulet. Those rare ones can roll 100cd and 10cc. So that's a waste not to stack them there.

Your gear is also not as insane as you think. :P
Epeen waving thread
Yes it is possible
01/23/2013 07:07 AMPosted by Shdwflare
Epeen waving thread

01/23/2013 07:24 AMPosted by REAPER666
Yes it is possible

and reaper shows up and makes your epeens look itty bitty lol

Base damage + crit goes a long ways!
01/23/2013 07:45 AMPosted by Atomsk
Epeen waving thread

Yes it is possible

and reaper shows up and makes your epeens look itty bitty lol

don't see anything special
Yes it's possible, check my profile.

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