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Can you guys please tell me what the spawnrate for them is? Do you have any future plans with them?

1/100 or 1/1000, whatever... Tell us.

The spawnrate for them is INCREDIBLY low.

It's not worth the hours and hours of farming for the achievment. Is there a possibility to buff the spawnrate? You could set the spawnrate up with higher MP or whatever, but DON'T let them be that low. It is embarassing.

Also, if you encounter them, they just plain suck. They are not any "threatening" like Keywardens, and they only have !@#$ty loot, and they are a worthless trash-mob.

There are 2 solutions IMO.

1] Leave the spawnrate as it is but Buff the %^-* out of them, and make the encounter TRUE unique, but also buff the loot from them, by a LOT like quadruple or whatever much that normal raremobs would do.

2] Make the spawnrate MUCH higher, like 10 or 20% chance in a game, because they suck anyways.
I've done defiled crypt runs so many times and the only purple monster to ever spawn is digger odell. It just doesn't seem right.
Agree, more difficult, and higher drop rate than elites, as they are more rare than elites, this... only makes sense this way.
I agree that they should either be buffed tremendously, to the point where fighting them is a unique experience that makes you have to do more than right click one time. I recommend adding affixes that aren't seen in Champion and Rare packs that are more deadly like "Restorer: Revives fallen companions within a 20 yard radius every two seconds" or "Controller: Takes control of your follower or pet for a limited time" or "Conjurer: Summons champion class minions"
Those are just examples but I think of tons of "Unique" affixes that would truly make these encounters memorable.

I also agree that their spawn rate should be higher, at least scaling with MP or difficulty because as it currently stands, this achievement is probably one of the longest (if not THE longest) one to attain, only because these monsters almost never spawn, even after hundreds of runs of a single area.

Lastly, I think there should be some type of reward for finding them, other than a tick mark on that achievement. I can think of a few: Nephalem Valor Stack (only if their difficulty increases), Guaranteed Rare. I also have a third idea that is rather out-of-the-box.

When you find a randomly-spawning Unique monster like, say Hellscream in Storm Halls of Act 2, you go through a rigorous process of defeating him, but each Unique monster has a small chance to drop an item that you can ONLY find from that specific Unique monster. So say the Item related to Hellscream is "Hellscream's Fury"; a 1-handed lvl 39 Legendary wand that does mediocre damage, but has some cool affix like "release knockback nova when surrounded" Each item has one super-unique affix that no other item has, and in finding them, can create a character build around that concept. Just a thought, but I think it would kill two birds with one super-sized stone.

I know that this is a big concept, and would take the creation of 82 or more legendary items (tough I know..) and one that's hard to grasp for someone in the business of designing video games.. cough cough.. but maybe since it's the year 2013, the world is ready for something so colossal as Unique items, spawning from unique monsters.

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