I have turned into a freeze wd.

Witch Doctor
I just noticed that I have a pretty good freeze witching hour. I bought it for 20m, but in searching the AH recently it looks like it might be a 1b+ item. Should I flip it?


Prob not 1b+, but you'll get 200m+ for it.

That's about equivalent to the 20 mill you spent when you got it most likely.

I don't know why people think things are worth billions. Ask your self how many things have you purchased for a billion+. $270 USD worth of gold if you where buying the gold.. i mean really? How many people actually get a billion plus gold sale coming or going.

Nothing I have on that I purchased did I pay more then 100 million on, if i went by todays prices i have 10 billion gold worth of stuff. Its sillyness...
All we k say is he is so lucky to get that belt at 20m. I would just have to wait for my chance.

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