Arcane Power VS Spirit Regen

after playing with my monk for 1300 plus hours I have level a wd & a wiz

As a Wiz:

- I can perma-spam ARCANE TORRENT cost 16 arcane per cast
- No arcane power on crit gears on
- Storm Armor - Power of the Storm rune: reduce all skills of arcane power by 3
- Passive Astral Presence +2 arcane power per sec

with a total of 12.5 arcane power regen I have successfully removed any SIGNATURE skills or using any gears that gives ARCANE POWER on crit. even if my arcane power is FULLY DEPLETED, within 7 secs its back to FULL (120 power pool).

As a WD:

- 740 mana pool / 57 mana regen = 0 to full in 10 secs without hitting anything


My biggest question and concern here is why does monk's spirit pool have such a failed system? That we have to outta our way to find / buy specific gears to get close to half of what
wiz / wd can do?

Anyone else having problems with spirits or is there a way to raise the bar without SPENDING $$$$$$$$ of gold in ah / rmah??


New Monk Innate Option(s):

1. Give all monks standard attack speed innate without skills / passives requirement.
- attack speed helps greatly with spirit regen
- plus 0.25 - 0.5 speed increase as a class bonus

2. Give all monks standard spirit regen innate without skills / passives requirement.
- 5 spirit regen per sec

3. Raise the bar on all spirit regen gears that gives 2 - 5 spirit regen per sec as well as the inna's set bonus from 0.33 to 5 spirits per secs.
From my experiences (I'm sure they differ from many others) the resource systems from good to bad in terms of overall synergy are:

1. wizard
2. demon hunter
3. barb
4. monk
5. witch doctor

From what I've read, and slightly experienced (back before I swapped out all my cookie cutter gear for playing around), the Mana resource functionality is incredibly bad. For one of the three main builds they have (0 dogs, bears, and acid cloud), its incredibly hard for them to sustain dps at high mp levels without resorting to using 2 or 3 resource regenerating passives in addition to skills such as Widowmakers to even make it possible. Compared to us just having to maintain a 6 second buff while holding down L/RMB and pushing one other button, yeah I'd say they have it much worse than us.

Now thats obviously not to say that our system doesn't need help, as it clearly does. But I think its for reasons not many people understand or are aware of. Most people seem to think its a lack of spirit generation thats the problem. With sufficient APS, its obviously not. The problem (in my eyes) lies with the proc coefficients, and the fact that NOTHING other than Thunderclap is really worth looking at from a dps standpoint. At least not in terms of using as your "primary" skill.

Now theres plenty of ways of fixing this, with the most obvious just being to increase the coefficients on the other generators and runes. But I think its a little deeper than that. Another "problem" with Thunderclap is that it satisfies another important necessity with having a movement mechanic. I've seen numerous people suggest either removing it, or changing it to being a standard feature on Fists of Thunder itself. I definitely prefer the latter myself, as I'm sure most people will.

But then, the question to make other generators competitive? In this case, I think each of the other three generator's base skill needs something extra. Maybe a longer range on DR (how bout 1.5x times further and slightly wider?), a larger radius on CW (or maybe faster APS hidden modifer? Maybe shoot out some projectiles depending on runes?) and MANY more hits on WotHF or at least make it's animation faster.

Obviously the changes I see that need to be made are much more in depth and actually could require some graphic and animation additions, but it really feels like thats whats necessary at this point. Unfortunately...
Ive said this elsewhere a while ago (and I wasn't on D3 when this was applied)..
The IAS nerf - Most monks have some form of IAS. obviously that helps with spirit regen on hitting, but spirit costs are the same?

double effect - less sp regen, and less spammable skills.

solution - lower spirit cost to a level where skills are more useable.
01/24/2013 07:04 PMPosted by Weegee
solution - lower spirit cost to a level where skills are more useable.

Honestly, this handles some of the proc coefficient problem as well. If you half the cost of Cyclone Strike and half its damage, for example, dps remains unchanged but you have a utility skill that I'm now thinking about using, and it's abysmal proc coefficient is now much more reasonable.

Every class has it's issues, though. For all the synergy and usefulness of their wonderful resource system, the wizard class can have a hell of a time getting enough healing, particularly if they have weaker gear and/or stray outside the "standard" builds like CM or infinite archon. When I play either of my Monks, I've got healing coming out my !@# regardless what general build I choose.

Wizards and demon hunters have "easier" resource systems, but we JUST got a second paragon level 100 HC Demon Hunter recently. You know where the next one is? 87. These guys die. A lot. Only two HC Wizards on the Americas server have made it there.

I actually love the Monk resource system. I have to practice "Monkinomics" while I play. Make sure I hit enough to spam whatever and maintain my snapshot which may involve re-casting a 75 spirit SW between packs. So I don't want to over spam if it leaves me too low at the end of the fight. There's BoH and Foresight to maintain, and decisions about whether to waste BF:FitL for a short term DPS gain or as crowd control, which may leave me with a bad snapshot if the next pack isn't close enough. Always, SW snapshot is pushing me forward. (Honestly I don't like what they're doing in 1.0.7, because this kinda goes away) .

Haven't really played a Barb yet, but none of the other classes have resource systems that I enjoy as much as the Monk's. I do wish we had better resource regen gear to open up more options, but generally I think the resource system is a more a source of enjoyment than anything for me. Some may see it as a chore. But if you do I think you should try playing the other classes. They're very fun for their own reasons, too.
it is just plain amazing how there is SUCH a huge difference between monk - wiz or monk - wd with the resource system. i mean i'm using no signature moves or gears to regain arcane power!! and i can SPAM my arcane torrent as my primary attack....
@ gotaplanstan

personally i have no issues with resource with WD other than trying to spam my locust swarm all over the place, but it regens fast so i just spit and move on to the next pack with it.
1. Get ~2.00 APS and ~50% crit chance

2. Spec FoT-Quickening

3. Spam spirit spender (probably WoL-Empowered Wave)

4. Profit
I would say it's the other way round. The monk resource system is working as intended, while for WD and wizards, it's broken.

The point of having a resource system in the first place is to require players to make decisions on what and when to use their skills. If they can just spam them without a moment's thought, then the system has failed in its objective.
@ blohtz

- yes, over 2.0 APS - 47% cc
- no quickening, just takes away too much of extra dps as well as mobility
- been using wol / blinding to cc enemies

my point is the fact that neither wiz / wd have to HIT something in order to regen resource. and they can be full in no time. even with max spirit regen items they still can't compare to what wd / wiz can do. and i don't even have regen gears on my wd..

@ hong

wow, yes in a way you are cup is not half empty, but rather half full
I'm basically saying exactly what Demiwraith is saying, only with a designer's hat on, rather than a player's hat.
I would say it's the other way round. The monk resource system is working as intended, while for WD and wizards, it's broken.

The point of having a resource system in the first place is to require players to make decisions on what and when to use their skills. If they can just spam them without a moment's thought, then the system has failed in its objective.

Majorly this. Critical Mass and Arcane Power on Crit are just broken abilities of Wizard that honestly sort of need to go; although they never will because the Wizard community is lost without them, because unless we abuse them we'd be underpowered. I think monks resource system is fine in comparison; if you stack on one resource passive you can get 2 regeneration; or if you use two handed weapons you can boost the resource generation by 35%, which makes it on-par with one handed weapons. The issue isn't that monk has no good generation, but rather that Wizard has too -good- of generation.

And trust me, Witch Doctor is fine, one of the biggest complaints I hear is how on higher MP's they can't generate enough resources.
As a DH, I could spam impale, EA, or others just as easily as I could gain the hatred back. Also same with disc since I got the legacy nats.

As a monk it is a horror movie from which I can't wake up. Only a handful of items have spirit regen, and only even few are usable. This greatly decreases the options in build, or gear choices, and those items are expensive as !@#$. An amulet with spirit regen, and no other affix usable costs a lot!

At spirit regen items/skills or spirit spenders, definetely something is broken. Most of the items I can't wear because they don't have spirit regen. BS!!!!

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