more EHP or DPS?

Witch Doctor
Right now I am running unbuffed 100k (almost no ias gear on my normal set) and 400k ehp. Looking at upgrading my vile ward to either include vit or 240+ int. Vit version will up my life by about 3k while int version will up my dps by 2-3k. Which would be best?
If you can afford it try int and vit or int and life %.
If I upgrade to the int version it will be 240+int and vit, sorry was not clear enough.

Either a 240int + vit Vile Ward or a 180int vit + life%

Right now I have a 180int + life% Ward.

at this point will 3k ehp or 3k dps be better?
Um, first of all you have around 65K DPS unbuffed without PtV.

Secondly, we don't know how you play, so no one can help you unless you tell us what you are trying to do with your character.

And last, you are a level 42 WD, take some time and learn what you are doing.

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