Now that Jay Wilson is gone, Dupes have gone wild...

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Seriously, anyone else notice this?
Hopefully, they dupe a good Mempo. Those stuffs are expensive as hell.
Actually, the dupes were always there they are just coming to light as of late. It's a coincidence.
There might be an uptick in duping threads but I think it is probably just a coincidence in regards to Jay Wilson leaving the project. I can't think of a reason why the two would be related unless Mr. Wilson was some kind of duping security expert.

EDIT: Apparently I type too slow.
Indeed. Jay left and took a bunch of code with him, opening the door for more dupes!

wait... wat?
I also found a job since he left...coincidence?
i knew it for 3,4 week ago but now it is more and more
I have to admit this:
dupes made Diablo 2 fun.
The fact that you can have almost any
item for next to nothing or even
just a day of grinding is awesome.
It allows you to make more characters,
try new things.
And let's be honest here, Diablo3's auction house,
for the most part, has retarded prices on anything
you'd actually want.
There's like 50+ of an item and the cheapest one
is 100mill+? Ya, no.
01/21/2013 08:03 PMPosted by Clëan
DOesn't matter I won't be around for it... I decided that 2-3 months into this game.

And here you are 7 months later...
I'm not sure why I'm sticking around to find out. This game needs an expac now to fix it.
01/21/2013 07:38 PMPosted by Emperor
Seriously, anyone else notice this?

You seem to be obsessed with duping.

Go outside.
Activision took over. Its all about the RMAH now. They purposefully added in duped items just to give the RMAH sales a boost, but not adding in so many items that it completely devalues everything.
Maybe Blizzard is revamping the itemization on all loot and are going to use the duping problem as the reason they have to wipe all existing gear and start again.

OMG are they going to nerf drops during maintenance? *I feeds za fire!*

: D
It has nothing to do with jay. It's simply a new method that has been discovered and it boomed.

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