Gold auction house stole my money

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I bid 100,000 gold on an item then rebid at 50,000ish when i did this my 100,000 was never returned to me the game stole it is there anything you can do?

I'm not seeing any transactions such as you described on your account. What's the id# of the transaction? With that I can see the status. If this just occurred, give it some time to process and return the gold. If it hasn't been returned within 72 hours, go ahead and submit a support ticket.

1. Go to the Support website at
2. Choose "Diablo III" as the game with which you need assistance.
3. Ensure that "Use a few words to summarize your issue" is selected.
4. Type in "auction house" and click Next.
5. Choose one of the options that best matches your problem.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit a Ticket".
7. Fill out your ticket and click "Submit".
Hello i have a problem! ..i had a mempo up for sale,, it didnt got sold its not in completeed is not on AH or in my chest

Records show it was reclaimed on the account 2013-01-23 at 19:17:16 UTC. It's currently in your character Revelitia's possession.
I have the same issue but after an relog the transaction was vanished from the transaction logs ,the last message on a transaction log was OUTBID on an 53m bet on an stone of jordan ring Then after a relog the transaction log vanished

Already answered in another thread you posted in. Please stop posting the same issue in so many different threads.
i have the same problem, i spent about 3 mill on armour and weapons and it shows i spent the money but have no armour or weapons. i only have the helm and belt but i spent allot more on a gem, two swords, and some more gear! I bought out all the items and i dont have them.. I got ripped off.. Battlenet account is Dimebag333#1597

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