CM/WW Questions... Need answers plz

Hey guys, Im planning on switching to a chant set and add some ias on my items to reach 2.33 or 2.50 breakpoint. Im not aiming for 2.73, id prefer to keep my mitigation as high as possible (5k+ armor, 750+ AR, 50k hp). Im currently shopping chant's force, is it possible to run cm/ww with only 10 APoC(only wand) or should I buy myself a APoC force? Im keeping my mempo, not swtiching to storm crow btw. Thanks for any advices, I have a 250m budget btw.
The build won't work very well with just 10 APoC. You can technically still use the build, but your dps and survivability will be very bad, especially at the 2.33 breakpoint.

If you're going with just 2 pieces of APoC, I very highly recommend going for 2.5 APS, unless you have like 55-60+ crit. Even then 2.5 is probably a big jump. For below 2.5 you really want 3 APoC pieces to maximize your effective dps.

I don't think there's such a thing as too much APOC, haha, especially for single target freeze. At 2.5 APS, you'd need 3 pieces (25+ apoc) to sustain tornados (and the occasional explosive blast) on a single target. 2.73 needs 2 pieces to sustain, which is why it's so popular.

Of course, this is all assuming single target and perma-freeze....

Weirdly enough, Conduit rune on Magic Weapon is equivalent to 1 piece of APOC gear, but requires a slower winding up than straight-up APOC gear.

With 250mil, you can get a pretty darn good 2-piece Chants with APOC Force. 1080+socket and 200 avg. 9 APOC.
Ok, I guess ill get myself an APoC force and a soc will. Im pretty sure 15-18 APoC will be enough since im curently testing this build with my curent setup and its kind of effective in mp6-7.
I think 10 apoc would be too small. I would recommend getting at least 20 apoc. I'm currently using 20 apoc at 2.59 aps and it's working rather well.

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