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Witch Doctor
I posted this on the PTR feedback. If you feel the mana on kill is an issue like I do please post there and see if we can get something fixed in 1.0.7 if at all possible.
I know there have been many that have had issues with mana regen in the past.

The Zunimassa set helps a lot for mana regen but the affixes for mana on kill or grave injustice passive that has a cooldown if something is killed inside a radius. Mana on kill is as useful as life on kill.

We play MP0 and with enough DPS we're 1 shot killing everything. There could be a 1,000 scorpions in act 3 and we could bear spam as long as there is monsters coming and never run out. MP5 is around 639% monster life. I can still make use of mana on kill / reduce cooldown with larger hordes at 110K DPS. MP10 we are hitting 3439% monster life and monster kills are slowed to a level that mana on kill becomes useless.

What I would like to see here is something that scales better to monster power life. Some classes cooldowns are based on reduce cooldown per crit like "Critical Mass" for wizards. The reduced cooldown is the same through all levels of MP based on their crit builds. The short version is some of the classes I play have the same fury gen, hatred regen or arcane regen regardless of MP level since all are based on crit or passive resource regen bonus.

Some suggestions to change mana on kill affix with:
> Set gear add additional percentage mana gain for mana regen skills used (locust swarm devouring return 37 mana + %, or widow spiders add 4 per hit + %).
> OR Set gear adds chance to reduce cooldown on crit / % chance to reduce cooldown on hit
> OR Add +2 mana on hit which might work for attack speed builds (who typically burns mana fast)
> OR Add +5 mana on crit which might work for CC builds

any other ideas ?
This solves all mana problems and can handle high MP with ease, but at a cost of dps.
With my Zuni gear, Haunt, set bonus and passives I have a lot of mana. Even my other gear I use that drops mana regen by half I manage in a different way. Depends on what build I feel like playing with.

All that aside, I still think the mana on kill is a wasted affix. Grave injustice isn't a useful passive at high MP because of the kill within radius too (slower kills). My point is the scaling problem with it. If this was changed to a per hit chance or per crit chance to reduce a cooldown / gain mana (even if it was a 5-15% chance) then it would be the same usage from MP0 - MP10. It would all depend on you DPS and gear to be able to handle the higher levels.

I like the passive skill but anything above MP5 I usually use something else.

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