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1. ident all from cain or an npc of similar sorts
2. +10 movement speed for all classes
3. destructible towers
4. less drops, higher quality
5. cooldown times decreased
wtb 08 valk
and bring back shaft stop and gaze combo! dammage reduction pleasee to counter reflect damage
For the AH in the Completed tab - a send all gold to the stash button (frustrating when u have a ton of entries to click on either from sales or outbids)

And for the Auctions tab - the ability to sort what you're bidding on by time remaining.

For the GAH i would like a refresh button at the top of the window like in the RMAH.

I would also like the Time to be on the AH page somewhere.
Appear offline in bnet
1. An "identify all" button in the inventory screen

2. Additional random dungeons for every act, each boasting huge hordes

3. "Challenge Dungeons" for each act that are specifically designed for high-end characters in groups of 4. Each dungeon should have 10 floors, and clearing all 10 should grant an immediate 500,000 gold reward.

4. Massive improvements to 2-handed weapons. Make them truly viable.

5. Additional paragon levels going up 500.
Put the Authenticator field on the main login screen. WoW does it. StarCraft 2 does it.

Diablo should do it.
I can't really believe this is coming from a person with 28k elite kills.
legendary follower tokens
When clicking on comparable items, this does not apply to legends. Apply it.

My nats ring for example has average damage, 9% ias, and vit. But if you search for comparable items it will bring up every single nats reflect on the ah. Hardly comparable.

It should bring up nats rings that has my stats or better. And should be the same for every legendary searched for that way.

And instead of linking an item to myself wold be wonderful if it would show me if i gain/lose dps, life, prot. You get the drift.

Identify all rares would be nice too, im fine with 4 secs on legends. Everyone knows which ones are worth iding and which ones you can brimstone witout iding it.

People have brought these up before so im not saying anything new. But i do agree with these.

And for the love of god put commas in for people, i am tired of seeing people crying about this. Its obvious that a portion of people cannot count zeros, blizzard holds alot of hands in this game, please hold theirs on this. It is not game breaking in the least.

Or people can learn how to count????

Ahhh leave the commas out, ive come across some good deals like this.
auto pickup gems, tomes (optional choice in menus)
remove cutscenes (optional)
move between any act
fix bugged achievements
Destructible towers would actually help improve this game alot, how many times have you come across a tower and you attack it while holding force standstill only to realize 90% of towers in this game are not even destructible! Games as old as sim tower have usef them!!!
1. Critical Hit Chance completely reworked or massively nerfed. We saw the long term benefits of this in IAS, I think the game would be better off with a CHC change. CHD is fine so long as we don't critical enemies multiple times each second.

2. Rework or buff of 70% of the games runes/skills. Check what skills are not being used often on MP5 and up and buff accordingly.

3. OwE nerf. Why keep monks in the dark about this nerf for so long?
Either nerf it or announce that it'll remain as is.

4. Pickup radius now picks up EVERYTHING. Toggle what you want in settings (no white, blue, yellows for example)

5. Every affix in every item slot be searched in AH, legendary right-click search feature works properly. Stats can be compared in the AH just like you would in trade.

6. 2-handed weapon buff. Aside from Skorn they are pretty much obsolete. Even then Skorns are the poor mans alternative to 1-handers.

7. All inferno legendary's are salvaged into brimstones

8. All non-inferno legendary's are converted into inferno level stats (i61-i63) to drop on inferno. This significantly adds to our endgame options without Bliizard having to code new item models/procs.

9. Buff shields to make them a serious contender for off-hand.
We all know how important Life Steal is...why not incorporate it big time into shields?
6% LS shields might make people think twice (or whatever numbers feel balanced)
Let shields exceed max numbers for Resist all as well. Roll up to 300 RA for example.
01/24/2013 08:30 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
I can't really believe this is coming from a person with 28k elite kills.

I'm confused as to what you meant by that. why does his 28K elite kills matter? you have 25K? I have 33K, why does that matter on this topic?

Means he isn't a noob. You are not either. Yet look at his wishlists.

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