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I bid a mempo of twilight in AH several hours ago. When the time ended and i won the bid, i didn't find the helm in my "completed". And also, the gold i bid on that helm didn't come back.

What is the problem!!!
"Processing..." - Mean you have to wait a couple minutes.
its been 2 hours...
Ah def been acting up past week.

Takes forever to load, very slow.

If it soes not show up by tomorrow your gonna have to open up ticket, should be there by then though.

If i did or didnt win innas belt for 180 mil before i left for work, hope the item or the gold is there.
Yes! I having the same problem 1 hour ago! My completed item didn't come out!! Bot? Error?
Damn just happened to me too on a Duncraig's Cross -__-.
log out and log back in. the item should be in completed tab..
No such luck unfortunately...tried completely logging out and logging in ; but my friend says there's an AH bug going on right now -__-.
I suspect it must be the goblin that took the items.
Relog more than 10 times, but nothing changed. No item or money back...

Blizz plz fix it!!!!!!!!

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