1.07 FoT/Cyclone build nerf, thoughts?


Intrigued by the idea of quickening+bells for ubers though.

^my monk - anyone know how to ditch the wow profile on the left?

at the very bottom of the thread where the reply box is.. to the left of that it will have ur avatar and profile..

click the dropdown arrow next to ur name and choose diablo 3.

this makes it to where people are linked to ur d3 profile when they click view profile.
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Its a buff to my damage ceiling.

When he said ceiling, I'm sure he meant ceiling for Monks in general. The monk class' maximum damage potential. After 1.07 patch, once you hit 150k, 200k or over dps which you will eventually if you keep playing, you'd be dealing less damage than monks now are pre patch with equivalent dps.

This nerf or bugfix, however you see it, is done for build diversity and that's totally fine. I'm all for build diversity. Any buff they give SW now would be a step in the wrong direction so I don't see that happening. The real issue here is class balancing. I predict the Barb's HOTA getting nerfed in the future. :)

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