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@xxBarabb ahh bunch of jibberisch...

I speak 3 languages buddy, i dont mind misspelling a word or two or three...

You do not mind but other people do if you are trying to get a point across. I speak 3 languages too but I do not use street grammar in any of them. Spell check is your friend...

And one more thing STOP TROLLING!!
PoE inside a prison:

Diablo 3 inside a prison:

I hadn't realized just how much I missed actual darkness & a light radius until I played PoE, which has them. When swarms of monsters rush at you out of the pitch blackness, it's just freaky, and adds hugely to the game's atmosphere.

D2 had more of this, too: day/night cycles, variable weather, you name it. PoE is imitating the master here, not inventing anything new.

D3 is gorgeous, and the non-stop epic scope may appeal to some, but IMO Blizz really sacrificed the whole feel of Diablo in pursuit of epicness.
01/28/2013 05:23 AMPosted by shokomann
Hmmm it only took 70k people to crash the POE servers on the 27th? Are all 70k fans in this thread? Jeez, I hope they upgrade for their futures sake. 70k cap is not near enough to put a dent in Blizzards titan sadly.

what do you think how many ppl play d3 ? 5million? lol...i think its more like 150-200k worldwide...

from the begining of the year, I have 9-10 friends playing D3 in any weekday from the total of my 48 friends - this means 70-80% of the real players have quited D3, leaving space for the bots..
yes in their own way, poe squad is as misguided as D3 squad. poe are stuck in ancient history with no real grasp of modern/mainstream notions of playability. d3 OTOH hypersimplified, with all the subtlety excised by people who don't understand why it was there in the first place.

as i've said before, combine the best of both games and u might be getting somewhere.

POE though, we can cut them some slack -- it's their first game. blizz/d3 team OTOH should just hang their heads in shame. :(
thing is alot of us played closed beta for months and continue to play it into OB just as much as we did then. PoE has variety end game. maps are full of win. its not start act 3 > do alk run > repeat til your eyes bleed. then you add the fact that you can make items better....as in, gurenteed to make it better by adding quality, an extra stat, etc to it. the skill system in PoE is genius. it encourages people to try different things and find overpowered builds and have fun with it. anything overpowered in D3 was quick to get nerfed.

then we talk about, imo, the most important thing that makes PoE better than D3...
the support.
seriously, GGG has been on top of any problems and fixes since ive been playing. they have been keeping us updated with anything they are fixing/working on/changing etc. they also accept feedback from us in chat, in streams, etc. they actually listen to their fans and respond accordingly. that was never there with D3.
I played POE for several hours yesterday. It does capture that dark, creepy D2 atmosphere more effectively than D3. The fact that there is no currency ingame, fee to play or RMAH, I consider definite advantages. However, as several have already stated, the gameplay is not as smooth as D3 offers. Nor are the graphics as good. Lore is non-existent, least as far I can have stumbled across thus far. Communication between players in D3 is much more user friendly and easier to access. Hope still springs eternal here that D3 can and will be made better.

For those times when I begin to feel I'd rather stick pins in my eyes that run through Act 3 again, I'll log onto POE. But - Blizz keeps pulling me back in here!
Currently playing PoE, TL2, Marvel Heroes and by far Diablo 3 takes the cake in Art Style.

Personally, I think Christian Lichtner should be getting tons of props for what's he's done with the Art in D3.

I think it's head and shoulders better looking than those other games, I just with there was more content.
to me for what its worth TL2 and PoE are toys and D3 is a demon killing MACHINE!

TL;DR - PoE is fail.

TL;DR - PoE is fail.

Umm, you're just making stuff up now. Where did the reviewer say PoE was fail??

"Final Overview

Path of Exile has a lot to offer for both new and old players of MMOs. This game will appeal to many fans of Diablo. Many call Path of Exile “the game Diablo III should have been.” Some even say Path of Exile should be the game that even Diablo II should have been. This says a lot about the potential of this game. The originality of the game extends a hand to players who have been waiting for a dark action-role-playing-game. As long as a player is not afraid to try something new that offers a lot of original content, Path of Exile is worth the time to try."
PoE is not for everybody. It really reaches out to the intellectual player that likes being unique and wants to put a lot of thought into their build/skills. This is where PoE puts D3 to shame.

If you just want to watch a bunch of pretty colors, explosions, and numbers on the screen... D3 is probably your game.

Even if you hate PoE for whatever reason, it's hard to deny that what GGG has done with PoE in an open beta format is incredibly impressive. I won't be coming back to D3 for a long time personally.
http://mmohuts.com/review/path-of-exileTL;DR - PoE is fail.

Did you even read that review you linked? It rated PoE as one of the top games. Who cares about that site anyways? The review spelled the game Path of Excile...

Develop your own conclusions. Reviews are always skewed to the views and likes of the reviewer. I play both PoE and D3. Both are great games with downsides. I find that the downsides in D3 have a more negative effect on my enjoyment than PoE, so I enjoy PoE more.

+Visual Effects
-Drops(WTF.. EF worth 100,000 and EF worth 500,000,000)
-Lag/rubber banding
-Very few character builds
-All characters of the same class look the same. How does this work? Blizzard spent so much time on making the game look great, unfortunately that stopped with the environment and spell effects.
-Ruined the social aspect of Battle.net

+Complex and diverse skill tree(helps players be unique)
+Loot/Barter system (no gold is pretty awesome, actually)
+Party System
+Darker game, more of a dungeon crawl feel.
-A little clunky & Can't zoom out enough
-UI is not very intuitive
-Color pallette makes it hard to distinguish items & monsters from the environment
-No mini map/radar, forced to use map overlay wich is ugly as sin
-Targetting system needs work. I find myself trying to click a mob and clicking the ground instead.
-While the party system is great, the chat system is terrible. Even their msg boards on their website are terrible.
"-No mini map/radar, forced to use map overlay which is ugly as sin"

There is a small corner map which you can turn on through the options. I didn't like it, but it sounds like something you might want to try if you haven't already.
01/28/2013 09:07 AMPosted by NastyN8
There is a small corner map which you can turn on through the options. I didn't like it, but it sounds like something you might want to try if you haven't already.

I'll check it out tonight, thanks.

TL;DR - PoE is fail.

LOL. No wonder you told people not to read it. Its a very positive review.
01/28/2013 09:13 AMPosted by DeadPixel
There is a small corner map which you can turn on through the options. I didn't like it, but it sounds like something you might want to try if you haven't already.

I'll check it out tonight, thanks.

I use the mini map and it beats the big one. Big map is ugly as hell I agree. Hopefully they will get something better for both eventually.
I played quite a bit during closed beta and am currently playing in open beta.

It is fun. I'll give it that. Here are a few things I enjoy:

- The skill gem system. Basically, your weapons, torso/legs, helm, belt, boots and gloves can have sockets on them (rings and amulets do not, as far as I know). They consist of the colors Red, Green, and Blue. Red for Strength, Green for Dexterity, and Blue for Intelligence (Intellect?). The point of putting gems in to these sockets is to get powers/spells/skills (whatever the hell you want to call them). The skill gem itself has its own level; as you kill monsters, experience goes in to the gem and you can level the gem up so it increases in power as you do.

- Gear is extremely diverse. The sockets make it even more diverse.

- No single game currency. There are a ton of items that you can trade with to obtain the gear or gems you want.

- Potions are kept in a belt for HP and Mana. You get five slots to house as many of either as you want. If you're not using much Mana, you can go heavy on the HP flasks. If you're using a ton of mana, go heavy on the Mana flasks. If you're using Blood Magic, and you have no mana because your skills use HP instead, then you go straight HP flasks. The flasks have a number of charges on them, and you consume a number of charges from the flask upon use. The charges refill based on a percentage when you kill monsters. The flasks also have little bonuses on them that last for the duration of the use (which provides hp or mana as a HoT or MoT).

- The Sphere Grid ... er ... Passive Skill Tree, while enormous and overwhelming, is interesting, creative and allows for incredibly diverse character building. Each class starts in a specific spot on the grid ... er ... tree, and can pick the nodes they want. They give passive bonuses like increased HP, Mana, Evasion, Dodge, Armor, Crit Chance, Movement Speed, Cast Speed, Resistances, etc. They also have ... more major passive skills you can obtain that give pretty huge bonuses as a usable skill, lasting for a certain amount of time or a permanent condition. Combining these can be fun (such as one passive skill prevents you from being able to Evade attacks but you cannot be Stunned either; to counter the lack of Evasion, another skill moves ALL of your Evasion points in to Armor.)

Things I don't like about the game:

- The inability to learn the game while actually playing it. Seriously, if you do not read about the game on the forums, you will suck. I tried playing a character without really reading about what it takes to be effective and thought I could just build my passive skill tree out the way I wanted with the play-style I had in mind. I totally gimped myself and had to delete the character (at the time there were no respec options).

- Not knowing how to sell items to get the things people are trading !@#$ for. This is kind of silly. You have to sell items you find in the field to the vendors in certain ... recipes. So like 2 rare rings, 1 rare amulet, 1 rare boots, 1 rare gloves, 1 rare belt, 1 rare armour, 1 rare headpiece + either 1 rare two-handed weapon or 1 rare one-handed weapon + 1 rare shield or 2 one-handed weapons, to get 1 Chaos Orb. (Chaos orb is one of the main items people trade stuff for because it allows you to "reforge" a rare item with completely different properties on it. People use this to get their perfect rare item). Yeah, I got that information from the PoE forums, but that's my problem. Again, I can't learn the game while playing it and do well. I have to go do research outside of the game. At least, I feel like I'm doing more research outside of the game than I do with D3. The only research I do for D3 is DPS sheets that calculate if an item is a worthwhile upgrade.

- Grindy as %^-*. But I guess it's no worse than doing Alkaizer runs.

Edit: Missed a closing parentheses.
Stop talking about graphics, graphics are the last thing that make games good.

I play BF3 and D3 on high settings 1080p res and think PoE looks awesome.

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