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The most confusing thing for me in this thread is how many people are talking about how gorgeous a game D3 is graphically. Are you guys high?
D3 is ugly as sin.
Of course, graphics are the LEAST important factor of an RPG(the art style is far more important, and POE wins that contest because it's actually DARK instead of cartoony), but seriously, D3 is not a good looking game. Any computer can run d3 without a problem, it's a graphical infant.
And personally I think POE IS actually a prettier game, it's a much more 3d looking experience, d3 always comes across as such a simple looking game and the 3d images are pretty ugly in general.

Here are some games that actually sport good graphics:
Crysis 1/2/3
Metro 2033
Far cry 3
Battlefield 3

There's more of course, but I've made my point. Let's stop talking about graphics because neither POE or D3 is going to win any contests in that category, AND it's the least important aspect of an ARPG to begin with.

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