Free Gear and Advice for *NEW* Players!

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First off I would like to say "Thanks" for such a great thread. Really shows a great community within the Barb circle.

I started playing shortly after release - but dropped off about 7 or 8 months ago (I believe prior to 1.03). Check my profile for my gear and stats - Yes I know my gear sucks - Yes I know it should all be replaced.

I'm looking for a little more direction than that. I know my Str is low, I know my Resists are low, DPS, CC and CD......pretty much every stat a Barb should have. I'm transitioning from S&B to DT and I only have 5M to work with. Any advice and help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks guys.
I need some advice on gear, I am completely lost. I have around 30million to spend. I feel like for my paragon level my stats should be way better and that I have squandered a lot of gold.

#1 priority is to keep my magic find maxed
#2 looking for the best way to shuffle gear around so I can do act3 runs quicker

Right now I go through act3 on runs mp3, because I have the easiest time keeping up wrath on that mp level. I usually "mow" over monsters 3 times to kill them all, and end up picking up all the gold, which is fine by me.

I think my worst gear is my amulet and ring, but I feel like if I break up the set bonus I will probably lose a lot of MF and not gain so much, but I'm probably wrong. My run speed is also on my ring so I would have to get a lacuni, or a tyrael's might or something to make up for it. Once I start going down that road, I feel like there's no great bracer or BP upgrade for me that's going to be worthwhile.

I thought about getting a Sun Keeper for my offhand. With lifesteel, socket and 200 STR I could offhand it and it would be very easy to keep my MF maxed. That would cost around 15mil and I would lose a ton of str and vit from my current offhand just to be able to get more freedom to replace MF on other gear.

My hellfire ring is quite bad but I think that even a bad hellfire ring is better than any other ring due to the exp bonus.
you can afford to lose that MF, trust me.
gain some more DPS, kill things faster and gain some plvl to compensate.
the faster you can kill things the more chances at drops you will get, much better than taking forever to kill things and having high MF.

300% of a miniscule .05% is still miniscule .015% :)
You are using the WW build and you only have 1 slot with IAS, and very little CD.
Try looking for an amyy and ring with IAS/CD str/vit that should help immensely.
Those boots have got to go as well. Look for IK boots with as high str /vit as you can afford.
Mempos w/out CC are cheap now and will help out your EHP a lot, plus you can get IAS 9% on it. Losing the IK helm but replacing them with IK boots will keep your 60AR set bonus. You can make up he CC by looking for an axe MH and taking advantage of weapons master bonus.
Add me in game if you want help gearing. Ill be happy to help :)
I have a 50 million budget, Can I get a rough idea on how to gear a barb? And a efficient build?
i need gearing advice & skill set options, stimpe#1160
Hey all you fellow Barbarians, i am fairly new to D3 and was wandering if anybody wanted to help me by giving me some decent gear/gold in order to improve my barb. i recently got to 60 with the help of a friend and dont have any good gear. i am really loving the D3 community and look forward to playing with you guys soon


Thanks for your time

I just helped a new barb over the weekend. Gave him a complete IK 5 set with lacunis and 2 decent weapons. :-) He got about a little over 50K dps boost from all the gear I gave him, I think.

Just add me up and I'll be more than willing to help if/when I can.
Friends hooked me up!
I'll help gear and farm with new people. :) Always nice to make new friends.

Hi really new just got the game for V(huuny_USA Holiday)-day , played all weekend about 16 hours total just got to level 32 last night. Would like some advice and gear coming from a old mmo where used to give stuff away for free to new people. Add me ususally play week night 7 eastern till 10 eastern pm and on weekends as much as i can. Like making new friends who enjoy playign this great game so far.
Found a decent Tyrael's Might a couple of days ago, doesn't have sockets but for a new player looking to get movement speed and a decent chest piece it is a free upgrade. Add me in game if interested ThePlow#1851.

I will not be on for a few hours because I am headed to work, but will be on this evening. I might have other upgrades depending on the person.

If I don't "add" you it was already taken....first come, first serve.
not much a noob but just not understand all right
i want aprove my caracter but do not know exactly how maybe someone can explain me better how get stronger in game play
Hey guys, gave all my stuff away off my lvl 60 barb n DH. Gettin the real bad itch to play again since I've heard good things about the patches. Any decent gear people wanna give away that I could solo act 1 inferno or act 4 hell?
sure Stack I've still got bunch of stuff left over after more XP runs
add me ingame ad mention this post Online Now
Just came back to the game, grabbed my current starter WW gear sniping auctions for fairly cheap. I can farm mp3 with little trouble. Although I know what top end barb gearing is like the transitions confuse the crap out of me so I'm looking for some gearing / upgrade advice.

Currently I think I need an ammy with CC+CD and a starter IK chest. Are their any slots where I am currently itemized completely wrong where I'm going to need rebalancing around? What do I stand the most to gain by upgrading atm?
Just started back on my barb a couple days ago. I had stopped a few months back at lvl 57 and came back and started playing my Wizard. I have so much more fun in the game with my barb, I really want to gear him up. I was able to grab a couple of things, but as you can tell on my profile Im really unsure on where to start gearing and dont want to waste gold.

I have just been farming Act 3 mp0 with my setup, and quite honestly I die more than I feel like I should. I like the WW build (not against changing but I have tried alot with no success probably due to my gear) but my best weapon atm is my Skorn. I have a Sun Keeper and Echoing Fury (neither "great" stats) but don't fully understand which hand these should be in.

If I could just get some info that would really help me out. Are Bul-Kathos my best bet or should I focus saving gold for something else? Or should I even try a different build?

Your chest and pants have no AR and very little Vit. I'd upgrade them first. If you're going for rares, search for >150 Vit, 70 AR, Str and sockets. You should aim to get at least 35K Life.

You can also swap to a new IK belt with >170 Str. This should only cost you a few hundred thousand gold.

If you have the gold, you can change the helm to a >170 Str Mempo of Twilight.

Replace Strongarm with Lacuni if you want to continue with WW build. You need the 24% movement speed.

Wouldn't really recommend using Skorn for WW unless you can afford the ias gear. Without a good attack speed boost, you'll have trouble maintaining your Fury / perma-WotB.

If you're using Sun Keeper with Echoing Fury, the Sun Keeper would be used on your main hand.
Account was hacked awhile ago and I decided to try and start up again.

Any help getting back on my feet would be appreciated!


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