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I stopped playing for a while, but a friend got me to get try the game again.

I have a Level 3 Paragon character, and i've played the game until my mouse was glowing for so long with so many disappointing drops. I am sure I sold at least 30 crappy rares during this 'marathon'.

I played today for six hours straight, swearing to myself that I would NOT STOP until I finally saw a Legendary drop for the first time ever.

And it did! A really cool legendary ring.

I know i'm simplifying, and yall have all heard this before but...

Come on man.. I should have had a Legendary hours ago. Months ago even.

Anyways - venting mostly. Still. The ring is cool. It haunts enemies. Neato..
Just don't put it in the AH. You will be dissapointed.
Wait until you get your first big ticket item. When that single item sells for more money than everything you have ever found before combined, see how motivated you are to do the next run.

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