80m xp/hour, how?

Demon Hunter
Been reading post about it but cannot break the 30m xp/hour bar.
Running strafe build MP0 with 180k dps and around 370 AR:
HA - Spray
Strafe - Demolition
Shadow - Glide
Vault - Tumble
Multishot - Suppression
Companion - Bat

Nightstalker / Tactical Advantage / Vengeance

How to more XP per hour?
The problem is probably not your build but your run. Multishot is one of the best farming skills along with ball of lightning. I don't like strafe but that is personal. If you tell me your current run I can help you. Also MP 1 might be better for you since your dps is high enough.
As a start. looking at your profile you have the wrong gear for Strafe

-You need to remove your attack speed items.. Specifically Witching Hour and Calamity, Innas pants should stay because of the movement speed
-I got my strafe xbow.. on profile for only a couple mil, and of course for higher damage or budget Manticore is the way to go

I am running at roughly 55-60m/hr

Edit.. your armor also has Attack speed and should be switched out
I used rocketstorm rune for strafe. the 2 extra "homing rockets" really help with the strafe build to take out more monsters quicker as well as elites:

this was the build I used when straffing

My build/gear is pretty decent for farming paragon.... even brings me up to 300MF and +41 Pick-up Radius.

Take off as much iAS as you can.
That's actually my key farming gear, I run strafe with Manticore and 2/3 of my current AS. I got pick up radius on as well.

My run usually consists of Battlecrown 5 stacks, then keep, crater & towers, fields of slaughter and rak crossing
01/22/2013 11:17 AMPosted by BubbaGump
I used rocketstorm rune for strafe.

Stinging Steel is also better than Demolition IMO at that DPS.

I'm not sure how much xp/hour I get. I don't think I'm even close to 80m/hr. I'm not saying it's impossible, but people tend to exaggerate.
Tactical Advantage is pretty important imo.
did ~400m the last day I was para-leveling my DH using my above build. runs took me 15min and average 60m/hr

I did not run > 1.44 APS

I did Core, then Tower 1, then Keep 3, keep 2, Crater 2, Rak Crossing over into the snows. and that is it.
Try a build like this.

Im at 220k dps and I was getting 40-45M per hour with a less efficient build and picking up all yellows, gems, and chests and killing everything.

You will want 12-18 yard PuR
Hatred regen on quiver and cloak really help
This build is probably better suited for a 2h xbow.

For the peeps doing 80M+ per your, you will notice, they only pick up leg items, and maybe rings/amulets. They also skip straglers, so they dont kill everything.

Here is a link to my exp chart that I made. It shows the exp per zone I was getting as well as elites per zone. You can use that to pick and choose the zones you want to use to level.
@Bubba, so you don't do the other towers beside the first one? no keep 1 either? crat 2 do you clear whole or ditch when hitting a dead end? sorocket is better than demo? I thought demo had a bigger clearance zone, which seems more efficient than 2 rockets...

@hell, can't see the doc, what's your run route? I usually do 30m picking up one hand too maybe thats why. I usually pick gloves ammy rings and 1 hand weapons...
@ everyone thanks for the feedback it's some good readings ;)
@Bubba, so you don't do the other towers beside the first one? no keep 1 either? crat 2 do you clear whole or ditch when hitting a dead end? sorocket is better than demo? I thought demo had a bigger clearance zone, which seems more efficient than 2 rockets...

@hell, can't see the doc, what's your run route? I usually do 30m picking up one hand too maybe thats why. I usually pick gloves ammy rings and 1 hand weapons...

No I do tower 1 because you run a circle back to the teleporter. I don't do tower2 at all. I also don't do crater 1 as mob-density is too spread out.

I do NOT do keep 1 because there is too much dead-space and not enough mobs close together. There is some decent mob-packs and elites in keep 1 but it just isn't dense enough. I can't tell you how many 150-200+ massacre bonuses I got it was a LOT and dong keep 1 just can't get a good massacre and keep strafe going and enough disc a lot of time through veng/NS. You do not want to do areas where you are spending so much time vaulting to find packs. The goal of xp farming is consistant packs to get that XP.

Crater 2 I do some side-lining depending on the map configuration (hard to explain) and I will go after epacks if I see 'em down a side-shoot but 80% of the time it is a straight-shot from beginning to end of that level. Back-tracking is terrible for xp/hr because you have to now run/vault back for 10-20seconds with nothing to kill.

From a pickup perspective... up till the 90-95 I picked up amulets/rings/gloves and a few rare lvl 63 weapons (slayer, demolisher) and of course any Leg items. I do not open chests I don't chase down gold and if at all possible never backtrack. It is about xp/hr for my xp runs. I think I did my last 5 levels in 3 days if memory serves (put a post out on it here in the DH forums with my "quest" story about getting to 100.

The more you stop .. the less xp/hr you have. you end up with a backpack full of stuff you now have to waste 5more minutes to ID and sell that stuff off before the next run. Usually when I finish a run I might have 2-4 items in my pack and if no good I just throw 'em on the ground and reset the game. I ran like 21yrd pickup near the end and now even have gear to do strafe builds with 40yrd pickup which I will use on my other DH once 1.0.7 goes in.
-if you're using multishot, get a multishot DML, that will help alot.

-your dps might not be high enough for multi to be effective. (alot of your dps is attack speed, which is not important with multi). for multi to be effective you need high enough damage per shot to one-shot every white mob. try switching to BL if that's case.

-if you're more into strafe.. your attack speed is too high.

-get more pickup radius
-dont pick up too many items

I use multi as primary and BL as secondary filler (see my profile for ideas)

Why is it so important to remove IAS from gear?
I got to disagree with the no AS thing...
I run 2.04 AS @ 180 DPS all day with a strife build. I pull between 55-60m an hour.

hellfire rings for me and my follow, ruby in the helm.

build and gear as shown in profile.

id say if your not clearing your run in 15 mins or so, then your problem is route or play.
Watching some videos of how guys do there run. XP /gold/legendaries pickups only with 14yards pickup. or 7 minimum. More is faster and helps vengance - hatred/life refill.

The xp per area is fairly fixed. A few variables - number of kills in arow bonus and SPEED through an area. If you walk from point a to point b with no mobs .. how fast would that be?? you need to strafe/BL/multi-shot /vault you way there twice as fast.

I use to think my runs was FAST enough ( item farm/gain xp-idle along).WRONG.. . Increase your SPEED and reduce that RUN time per area. Even if you miss one ro two trash mobs.. keep moving forward... try it for an hour without pickup one item just to see how it is .. ITS ACTUALLY FUN TO DO RUNS LIKE THAT..

Just my two cents... biggest help would to see a few videos on youtube. See them all( BL vid/Multishot build bid/strafe build vid ... ) It's what helped alot.. .
@nose because IAS will drain your hatred resource very fast when you strafe.

@virux, i think it's more the issue, the route and less hoarding i guess. which route do you run?

@veritech, would love more pick up radius but it's like out of price
yea, your most likely looting too much. even at 50m an hour, i loot all rings/necks/gloves and any i63 gear that i dont have to walk too far for. you spend too looting/ID/selling and its most likely garbage anyway.

I dont see IAS as a bad thing though. I use HA/SoT to kill most elites that dont want to melt to strife. Vengeance and Perp with punishment should keep you full. I do say that with 55 disc though. I do swap out TA for perfectionist when i strife Mp1/2. XP dips to about 40-45m but loot is marginally better so i dont prefer it. Maybe when 1.07 hits it will be worth while.
I started off with only 7 pick up radius. Eventually, got up to 41 pick up radius. It really does speed up your runs. You never realize how much gold we leave on the floor till you never miss a cent. After a couple runs I typically have made about 2 Mil in gold alone. I only pick up Legendary drops, rings, and Amulets. All that gold pretty much funded to max out my MF to 300.

I took off as much iAS gear as possible. I even took off my crit chance Mempo for Paragon runs. I end up being able to stay in Strafe pretty much all the time and using Vault to zip around extremely fast.

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