80m xp/hour, how?

Demon Hunter
I normally use low IAS gear but i have switched to Calamity cause i was lazy swapping gems.. I added preperation punishment and have zero hatred problem.

Vengance/Nightstalker - preperation punishment t/BAT to refill hatred...
Ball Lightning / Strafe hatred spender... ( no other attacks needed )

Basic gameplay.. strafe to the next health globe( 14 yard plus pick helps alot but 7 is minimum)
If I am low on hatred - GLOOM then ball lightning once or twice ( that should clear mob or give me enough DISC to refill hatred anyways) OR I might mix it up by 1 Ball Lightning into a elite pack and follow in with strafe. Always moving forward.. Clear .. vault to next mob.. etc...

This works with Manticore and Calamity full IAS gear (small learning curb with IAS gear but easily doable)..... recomment 175 k DPS plus ...

I also have a spare DML 10CC/11ias and 10 DISC bonus if you are interested...BEST with MANTICORE.. OS 1046 dps manti with DML -- let me know if you are interested ..
The more you stop .. the less xp/hr you have. you end up with a backpack full of stuff you now have to waste 5more minutes to ID and sell that stuff off before the next run. Usually when I finish a run I might have 2-4 items in my pack and if no good I just throw 'em on the ground and reset the game. I ran like 21yrd pickup near the end and now even have gear to do strafe builds with 40yrd pickup which I will use on my other DH once 1.0.7 goes in.

SOOO hard to go from loot to zero item pickup... But you are RIGHT .. stopping for pickup and ID items means alot less XP... I am not picking up anything except health globes for hatred refill.. Don't care.. ahha.a.. lvl 100 then i can take my time looking for loot.
Your eHP is too low. More specifically you need more HP. Your attack speed is also too high, you're probably running out of hatred.

Also, make sure you move in close enough to mobs before you shoot. Don't throw grenades at mobs from like 20 yards away if you can help it.

This was me doing over 80m exp/hour without my Legacy set and without shrines:



You can literally go on the AH with a naked DH buy 20m of gear and farm 60 mill exp/hour. If you're getting as low exp rates as you are, my best guess is that you're either playing wrong, or picking up too much garbage.

At this point it really isn't worth picking up anything besides legendary/set, rings, amulets, gloves, and possibly bracers.
I can't seem to break the 30m barrier either, even though I have 2 Hellfires and 2 Leoric's and I one shot everything
A Leoric's Signet would obviously help.
This was me doing over 80m exp/hour without my Legacy set and without shrines
Ah I see where I'm going wrong. You vault to kill only the big groups. On my runs, even tho the zones I run are efficient, I'm trying to kill everything between point A and B
01/22/2013 06:47 PMPosted by speedforce
I can't seem to break the 30m barrier either, even though I have 2 Hellfires and 2 Leoric's and I one shot everything

Upgrade the ruby in your helm and don't used Loaded For Bear, switch to Strafe. LfB is way too slow to be farming with.
I'm able to get 70mil exp per hour doing the Crater 2, Keeps 2, Rakkis run (yes, only those three zones) using the gear and build on my profile. Oh, and mp1, only picking up jewelry and legendary items.

Hope that helps
Xp farming gear.. check out my set just used and tested it this morning.. total under 2 mil Plus the rest i got from original gear upgrades ... And I made the gold back in a couple of runs anyway.

NAT helm with socket(found on drop) - vit/high dex/CC is bonus but not need
NAT vest - 550k ( bonus hatred regen/pickup radius - great bonus)
DML with 10 DISC/11 ias( once again bonus but not needed(1mil)

What you get?? 60 DISC lets you refill 2 hatred and two gloom. That's tens seconds to kill/a mob encounter. If it is not enought?? nightstalker/vengance should kick in by now to refill you DISC by now and you should have another 2 sets to refill.. and you can keep it going indefinitely.

But i would say the biggest help is going to come from TianZi 's video. GREAT vid man.. Thanks you very much.. It helped alot .. Don't know if i ever thanked you before for it..

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