new monk in need of help!

just enterd inferno whit my monk and need some advice on what to upgrade and what i should try to aim for.
the gear is mostly from my dh and some pieces I fouund pretty cheap.
not sure on what your budget is but here are some stats to aim for:

DPS? all depends on your play style, with the stats bellow you'll want 65K+DPS
550+ AR
40k+ life
5K+ armor
at least 2.8%LS with 500+ LoH
35%+ CC

-dont get Crit damage on anything other then your weapons unless you're getting trifecta gear or you're using a shield.
-aim for double resist on the pieces you can get them on

gl! and welcome to the fun team
Found a guide from a guy named namless, but thanks anyways.
Nameless' guide is good, here are the other guides floating around :)

Great info in them, and the philosophy thread further expands the reasoning behind gearing methods.

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