Hate to say this, But i'm going to miss Jay Wilson..

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I'll admit, he did a really damn good job on gameplay...

Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile has nothing on this game. I played both and all I can say is diablo 3 is better.

Storywise, the game fell short.
lol! Move on please. It makes everything much easier.
dude give me a break. u make it sound like the guy did actual work.

have u actually viewed the credits for d3? there's like 2000 ppl on that list. all JW did was "yay" or "nay" stuff the real creators showed him*. with that kind of work cycle is it any wonder it took "7 years" to birth one turd?

* (and hence why his departure in itself is NOT going to fix the game)

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