Chaos build replacing archon?

I did this build which I think it's great. Faster traveling than archon and more fun since I can a really use wizard skills again instead of beam everything down.!aXg!bZZcYa
What do you guys think?
I have 10xAPOc and really ain't problem keeping AP up with health orbs and all.
You do need decent dps thou to make it work good I believe but that goes to all builds I guess.
Post your thoughts or give if a try? :)
If you're not using Arcane Dynamo + LL with Disintegrate, you're doing it wrong.
huh what's that? i need to check that out! show me the way!
I dunno, i reckon Spectral Blades has some merit in high dps speed run builds, especially Healing Blades is quite good against elite packs, probably better in most situations than Living Lightning... i know i know, i'm just whinging about Waller again :P

But he is using Scramble and Wormhole and Power Hungry, i think that's a bit different to using things like Frozen Storm and Cold Blooded to up your dps, seems like this is low MP and that is high MP, kinda thing, maybe.

..Now i'm wondering if Frozen Storm works in low MP.
I used to run healing blades and meteor, I found my build now to be much more fun. It clears the screen fast. I just wish wizard had a real teleport not the crap we have that's called teleport. At least let me pass thru walls lol.

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