Mai D3 Fuel

It really isn't, however, someone suggested that I put something D3 related in the title the thread does not get deleted.

With the recent flood of posts regarding cereal, I have upload an image of my cereal cupboard.

I'll be monitoring this thread and gauging the feedback. If I get some positive responses, I'll remove everything in the front and take another picture of what is behind everything you see in the image.


p.s. LOL
Good grief, man! My lingerie drawer is more orderly than your cereal stash!
while i love me a bowl of cereal, oatmeal dude, keeps ur !@#$ regular, literally
Got enough Cheerios dude?

Also, what is Green box?
Got enough Cheerios dude?

Also, what is Green box?

Every box of cheerios you see was totally FREE. My brother watched the show "Extreme Couponing" and is totally hooked.

The green box is generic corn flakes :)
Holy moly!! Do you "eenie meenie minie mo" for breakfast? Hehehe.

Pasta sauce looks good and JACKPOT!!! Nescafe! I'll take some condensed milk with mine. :D
Condensed milk! Oh man, have you guys tried that on texas (white) toast? OH SO GOOD!!!
Condensed milk FTW

also, I have 5 mouths to feed, i stay stocked up! :D

p.s. I have a "canned" cupboard, it's very well stocked with condensed milk :)

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