Archon- Best Bang for my buck roughly 125 mil

The more I think about it the stupider it sounds. :P Let's see what works... I've been trying to cram in any leveling where I can just because it feels like I'm getting closer and closer to Paragon Centurion...
really don't like the pants + bracer combo... makes you too glass. you end up needing to add a purple gem. defeats the purpose.

yeah the source

Go for a 160 int, 180 vit pant with moderate resists + armor.

a 90 int 4.5 cc lacuni maybe with armor.

you'll find the lacuni gives you more dmg on the bracer. The pants dont give any less dmg than your pants that you have on, but you gain a lot more survivability.
JellzRoc your hp is a bit low.around 35k is a good deal.

you could swap to zuni chest and get a better ring. the best farm build for archon is storm armor+scramble on MP where you can kill mobs in 1hit or like elites in around 5-10secs
since i have my explorer window minimized to a square on the lower left portion of the screen, when i saw the thread title, i couldn't see the poster and thought about 'resident troll' thread but i'm glad it wasn't.

dual archon loot runs? what about uptime?
I only troll about pants :-)
vile. what was that 10m? what do u need str for traitor?

wish u would have bought my trails had 191 int 188 VIT (no armor ar) but sold them on house for 90.
Easily either replace your hellfire or pickup a nice tal's ammy
Aimless do you still have your pants?
theres a tals ammy up for 115m in the AH right now

6% holy damage
272 int
66 vit
50 poison resist
61% chd
7% cc%
Upgrade your Pox for one with:

6/7% attack speed
30-60 damage (45+ average damage)

You'll get a ton more dps from one of those, and they are always cheaper than cc Pox's.

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