Tempest Rush Glitch?

Technical Support

I'd like to report a possible glitch with tempest rush that has been occuring for quite a while.


I will be fighting (usually an elite pack) and my life gets low and I tempest rush out from the pack immediately.

Visually, it works flawlessly. But then a fraction of a second passes, and I am glitched back right back to where I was originally, before I did tempest rush. Of course, I then die. (Same thing happens when arcane sentries, molten, etc. are spawned and I tempest rush to safety.)

I am not sure if its the game or my internet (I don't think its my internet though)

Thank you!
This has been a problem with tempest rush since ever. I dont think its going away ever.
oh that's a shame =(

I dont think i remember this happening before though...maybe I jsut didnt notice back then.

It would be nice if this is fixed, because I have died a half screen away because the server can't tell I am tempest rushing in time so it still dealing dmg for desecrator or plague even though I am already a half a screen away. Annoying ...

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