16 Years in Sanctuary: Ideas that I haven't seen shared

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Dude, It's easy to understand.

Diablo 3 is a money maker for blizzard, Bcuz it's hard to make MORE money from RMAH if almost all items are useful.

money making is more important then making a fun game for greedy blizzard


they make me feel they only care about cost and benefit

I find out this when asia server is so !@#$ing laggy but playing in US server is so smooth(asia server dont have RMAH)
This post punched me right in the nostalgia, and it hurts so good! I admit, at first, I was put off by how long the post was and didn't think I'd actually read it lol. Once I got going, I couldn't stop. Every point you make is brilliantly explained. I really hope Blizzard sees this and takes it to heart, because you hit the nail on the head with every single thing you said in your post. I couldn't have said it any better myself, not by a long shot.

Well done, sir.
+1 hit a nail i myself was struggling to find.
Wow, nicely said. An excellent post, and speaking my mind; another casual player who really misses the real fun of the item hunt.

Oddly fond memory - Andariel dies; *ooh* gold ring! Dammit! (Nagelring) But maybe next time...

this kept me going to my first Raven Frost
01/20/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Kinetic
I get bored, I get fed up, and I log out.

lol....I couldn't of said it any better!
Great post +1

Completely agree.
Any developers agreed to what gamers are saying or are we just wasting our breath here. There are a lot of posts like these. Any of those are heard ? Pretty please ?
Bravo my friend and fellow Assassin lover.

I couldn't agree more with the item generation.

I have long remembered the day where "normal" uniques and even set items were of use at mid and high levels.

- Menald
- Eye of Etlich
- Tarn
- Blink
- Twitch
- Gob Toes
- Magefist
- Frostburn
- Lenymo
- Gull

... to name a few.
01/20/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Kinetic
it's the greatest class ever made in any game in any genre


+100000 for great post
+1 Sir
Such a well written post is close to unheard of in these forums. Its nice to see that, at least at some point, people felt like i did about this game coming from a Diablo 1 and 2 view.

So many times I wanted to post about what was missing in this game but could not find the appropriate words or I just couldn't put my finger on what it was that was missing. Not to mention getting rebuttaled with such comments as "if only they would change x on y, or its z's fault this game fails your an idiot."

I do still play d3, on and off, but i have never felt the drive as I did with the fore mentioned chapters of the game. The carrot on the string is missing, and a game lacking player reward will only keep one interested so as long as something better does not come along.
This is a great post OP. I would only add that the plot is hard to get into and makes the game hard to repeat. Oh and the gothic feel is totally gone...

This post is soooo true it's sad. I really miss the D2 loot system. Hunting that perfect 2 socket Lich Wand(coolest model imo), and almost getting it, then getting a -1 roll away from a perfect white wand, My bone necro had like +10-13 to all my bone skills from the wand alone :) Ah... Good times.
bump for justice. loot needs diversity, it needs to drop more. 800 hours and I cant even put my own class' set together by myself? I'm losing hope as well...
Best post I've seen in months. I really hope a Dev sees this thread.
Thanks for spelling out the loot problem technically. Where did you get the information on how D3 rolls items?
A very good post. Diablo I & II were such great games. Diablo 3, meh.

I liked doing mephisto runs. He would ALWAYS drop uniques.
+1 splendid
Two really good suggestions I couldn't agree with more!

I spent YEARS farming for my very own Windforce in D2...YEARS. I never did farm up one and you know what? I was okay with that. I never once minded at all. Not one bit. Never even thought of giving up the chase of finding my very own. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of time farming in D2 chasing that elusive Windforce. I was on a mission...I had an item that once I saw it drop, it was gonna be a keeper for my Amazon, not a bow with some garbage stats I'd sell to the merchant. It was a Windforce...all you had to do was say the name and EVERYONE knew exactly what you were talking about. You didn't have to say it's a Windforce but not really because it rolled with crappy stats and therefore is garbage.

I can't say the same about D3. A game sequel should be everything...read that again...everything the prior version was...and then some. I feel a lot that could've been included from D2 was left out. Like my low level Death set. That set was killer...and I really felt powerful wearing it...and it dropped early on in the game which gave me incentive to keep farming for bigger and better items. Where is my Death set equivalent in D3? I never found it.

Normal mode in D3 should be RAINING with "omg i can't believe how powerful that item is" items to keep people leveling all the way through inferno. Right now, it's quite the opposite.

I hope Blizzard reads and implements both of these suggestions. I feel they're both really excellent ideas.

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