How It Went Terribly Wrong, Because They Listened To Us

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You don't need to underline every damn word

so much formatting, must be some kind of ocd

Your italics and underline are RNG but well thought out post.
01/20/2013 10:57 PMPosted by lXxTHEONExXl

I didnt say i didnt. I'm just pointing out Blizzard can easily ignore the "more drops" pleas but they didnt because of their current policy of making money is more important than making a great game.

I would like to think this not the core idea behind video games. But what happens when a game loses it's community? It's fanbase? It's loyal customers?

These days i'm more cynical as more and more games disappoint me. Once this company was known for producing very quality games and ideas that define its genere. Lately, its products are mediocre at best. The AH could be used to help players and make trading easier but Blizzard insists on manipulating it for their own profits. The game was ridiculously incomplete when it was released....

Anyways, as far as i'm concerned now Acti:Blizz is down there with EA except with worse attitude
it went wrong when they tried to market diablo3 to wow players
diablo and wow are different kinda games. when wow players come in they expect it to play an act different then the way diablo players will expect it to play. so now blizzard it left trying to balance the game to appeal to different player bases. diablo players complain so blizzard trys to make changes. then wow players complain an blizzard makes changes. the problem is each group wants changes in different directions. at the end of the day your left with a game that doesn't really appeal to any group anymore.

what blizzard needs to do is make it appeal to the diablo fans. then listen to that fan base on how to improve it. i know this will upset many of the players that are more a fan of the wow like style but this is a diablo game not wow . you can't make the game appeal to all
You don't need to underline every damn word

You don't need to underline every damn word. Would be the correct way to underline that sentence. I simply underline keypoints, if you knew that you'd find it a lot easier to know exactly which sentences are statements conveying useful information and what doesn't and doesn't necessarily need to be read.

But in my case, since my post is so full of keypoints, almost every line is underlined.

I agree with poster. I thought the same thing when I saw your post, and its why I did not read it completely. To underline so much says you think your opinion are extremely important, therefore artifiically inflating their worth and indicating the severely of your narcissism. People tend to ignore trolls, who go out of their way to drawn attention to themselves/posts.
none of your links work btw
01/20/2013 11:15 PMPosted by Tyronis3
You don't need to underline every damn word

Maybe he needs to do it.
*This game isn't a lottery, it's a game. You're supposed to have fun all the way to the top, not grind like a slave until you find one good "opportunity".

Apparently it is a lottery game now :/

If you learned math enough, you'll slowly understand that you can balance everything. If you make more drops, but devalue all of the potential rolls it has, you can make it so nearly all the items are still crappy. On the contrary, you can make items drop less, but have a higher chance of rolling actual useful stats, making it both rewarding to see and drop due to it's rarity, and rewarding because they are actually good items.

1. Yes it is possible to change the weightage/probability of higher rolls or just tighten the variance.
2. The way Blizzard has done it is still effective in improving item quality regardlessly. That is the point I'm making.

01/20/2013 10:11 PMPosted by Sol
It's kids like you that whined for more drops and consequently made them listen and ruined this awesome game, shame on your ignorance and not even understanding how math works.

1. Show me again where I have displayed an ignorance on how maths works.
2. The ignorance is your own for failing to recognize that no matter what Blizzard does with how items are rolled, only the top 1% will have some value. Be it by increasing drops or improving rolls.

Blizzard can make rare rings always roll 5-6 CC, 8-9 IAS and 40-50 CD, and in a day, a 5 CC, 8 IAS, 40 CD trifecta ring will become vendor trash because the top ring is now 6 CC, 9 IAS, 50 CD, 80 RA with high average damage roll.

WC had also already explained on how each upgrade will take progressively longer time and AH shortcuts the process resulting in players jumping hundreds of hours ahead of the gear curve and thus making self-found upgrades extremely difficult.
things that went wrong :

1) nerfs to monsters

2) made all drops ilvl 63 and legendaries BIS

these IMO are the 2 main reason why the game is in such a state right now
everyone remembers the 1st 2mths of diablo right , such huge playerbase , trading , interest.

how and why did it come to this SO FAST.

these are the reasons :

A) with buff to skills , items drops , items ( legendaries )
most gamers are able to clear content with average items. there is no need to trade , ask for templates and tips on how to beat content.

legendaries with only 1-2 random rolls on most easily became BIS.
economy basically tanked really fast.

add in nerfs to monster while buffing items/skills ... really doesnt add up does it.
gamers get bored really fast and they cant even turn to trading/making money

nothing sells , only top end BIS sells.
once the rich purchased their BIS legendaries , they stop spending
sellers cant sell when buyers stop buying ... the sellers stop farming.

so what does it all mean?

B) it means that if diablo3 was kept at the real inferno level , gamers will still be playing , farming and spending.

the tradeoff of helping casual vs gamers is totally not worth it.
casuals come and go , dont spend the time to farm and upgrade items , dont spend the money.

when the gamers leave to the next game .. this is where d3 suffers.
they take their spending power , power gaming , youtube skills somewhere else and u better hope its another blizzard product.

ideally u want the gamers to slowly upgrade and keep trading up/spend on sidegrades.

and the only way people will spend time farming for upgrades or spend money on items is when .... they actually DIE ALOT in the game.

they will never admit its a lack of skills ( look not everyone does the youtube , server 1st , gladiator skill ) but rather a lack of items.

so with this mindset , they either farm more and spend time trading OR they spend money on sidegrades.

so with all these in mind blizzard should actually :

1) make PVE harder
2) bring back more random rolls on items ( legendaries badly played )
3) screw ilevel 63 type items everywhere.
4) stop duping , botting and even scammers.

thanks lol :)
01/20/2013 09:15 PMPosted by Sol
If the drop table is how it is now, I bet we would be able to actually beat the old Inferno, which was actually a good way to set the difficulty, actually making it hard. The only reason it didn't work out that way before was because the drop table before and still now, is just horrible and just makes only select players elite over everyone else. And once an elite group has been established, the pyramid scheme will arise, and everyone will be essentially enslaved, farming for the rich to reap in all the best items and monopolize the system.

Lots of people already beat inferno the week the game came out while wearing like half blues.
listened to us? Who the hell was asking for weapon damage to work for ALL damage? Who was asking for main stat damage? Who was asking for no skill tree/stat points? Who was asking for a RMAH? People defended it in hopes that Blizzard knew what they were doing but Blizzard made those decisions themselves.

They shot themselves in the foot dumbing the game down. The only real improvement D3 had was instanced loot. Thats about it.
While I agree with a lot of the points the OP has made I would say that overall what is wrong with D3 almost certainly extends from the design of character progression and leveling, the skill system, and itemization.

- The level cap is a joke.
- The skill system eliminates character specialization and diversity.
- The value of certain stats/gear are nearly universal across all builds for each class.

So when level means nothing, classes and builds mean nothing, and everyone is senselessly farming Act 3 for pointless miniscule upgrades to the same stats the game has failed on every level to provide meaningful character progression and identity.
awesome post, bump this so blizz can see.

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