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01/25/2013 11:19 AMPosted by BELGARATH
This game has become a mad dash to level 60 and then farm the same ground over and over until you get SOMETHING that is sellable or useful. There isn’t even any point of ANYTHING level 58 or lower dropping as it is useless when you can level up to 60 in a day with just a few pieces of low level gear. The game looses most of its fun due to the forced repetition. This game has become nothing more then a farming/trading competition.

01/25/2013 11:19 AMPosted by BELGARATH
There is a lot of potential for this game but not much time left to save it. It takes years to build a reputation .It takes minutes to destroy it. We need MUCH more control over builds and we need at least the INCENTIVE to bend down and pick up an item to inspect it. White, Blues and Yellow items just aren’t worthy of notice and that’s sad. Blizzard might as well just start out characters at level 60. There simply is no point other then wasting a days time to the leveling system to that level and no point of picking up a single item that first day. When the first 60 levels are COMPLETELY meaningless the game is broke!

*This game isn't a lottery, it's a game. You're supposed to have fun all the way to the top, not grind like a slave until you find one good "opportunity".

agree 100%!
Quoting Supporting responses: I see those.

So what about the other side of the responses?

All I see from this thread is a few people wanting a completely new game!!! , We have to work with what we have and not try to make excessive amounts of work that will only amount to long delayed patch releases, devaluing of all classes items, loss of player base.
I've got to admit, when I see this, part of me is sad. I actually enjoy D3 a lot, but being able to rotate skills, elements besides frost having effects, CLIMBING DOWN LADDERS...all make me recognize that this game had the beginnings of something much more ambitious, which was sacrificed along the way for a fun, but much simpler experience. Shame.

*Edit: AND WOW, much better writing, with actual humor, in CUT SCENES.

"Stay awhile and --"

"It is time for shedding our enemies' blood, not idle talk!"

01/24/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Omegaxmen
Frankly I don't find the game bad at all and I would buy their expansion if they should release one. I just hope there won't be any more server downtime problems which to me is most annoying.

Spot on.

01/24/2013 03:47 PMPosted by SirGooseBump
5) The game shouldn't be so easy....where are the days that tough gameplay made a game fun? Why do developers think new players will only stick around if they can faceroll a game untill endgame? I think that people that will stick around and actually play this game and contribute to it's succes, want to feel the challenge. Why is it either Overpowerd, like 1 shotting or easy mode. Can't there be something in-between? Easy solution? Bosses need more hp, tactical choices need to be made, so you can't regenarate your hp forever with potions. Again PoE does this well, potions have charges and once the charges are out you can't pot yourself anymore unless the boss brings adds you can kill to refill the charges, simply brilliant.

This is the difference of people born before 1990 and those born after (for the most part). People who grew up on nintendo's only had HARD games to play. They didn't have the options you have now a day. The problem is if a game is legitimately hard, the player doesn't always interpret it that way. He or she may think the game is bugged or that they are just not good at it. There is a lot more incentive to pick up a game that you think you are good at compared to a game that you suck at. People now have more choices of the easier games to play and will often not work very much at trying to get good. The video game market itself is an enabler of this though, buy release 10,000 of games every year, versus the 20 that came out per year when atari and nintendo existed.

In those days you played what was good, not what was easy or difficult because you really didn't have a choice.
I went back and read “Mayde” post. I didn’t even realize we hit the same issues. I agree with him 100%. The highest level I ever got to was 93 on D2. Never maxed out a character but ya know what. I still have characters I play from the launch day of D2. Low level farming was even fun as the low level items could be very useful. Frosties, Mage Fist, Wizard spike. Many items had a place in end game builds. And oh so many builds. The Dev’s simply need to do a Google search for d3 builds. It will take then 10 minutes as there are only a few builds worth making. D2 players are STILL arguing on different builds lol !

What really set my teeth on edge DAY ONE was buying the OFFICIAL hint book put out with the game. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! The entire book is worthless. What a scam. That’s one item they should be sued over as it didn’t represent ANYTHING in the game. They even had the gems wrong. Topaz and emeralds were reversed and what happened to the blue gems? Talk about bait and switch!!!!!! Even the spells were not correct. That book was as useful as a match in outer space. That book is nothing more then kindling for my wood burner. They never even apologized for it. They should send a refund to everyone who sends them back the cover of the book like they do paperbacks. How many millions did they make on that worthless stack of paper? And people argue it isn’t about MONEY?????? That Hint book should have embarrassed the %$^& out of Blizzard. Talk about false advertising!

And Blizzard should think about this. People sold their D2 accounts for big money with leveled characters and gear. Even to this day people are still selling D2 accounts. I doubt very much anyone selling their D3 account even with a built up character would get the initial price of the game 2 years from now let alone 10 years later. NOW THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING about public opinion. I saw keys in sealed boxes being sold for half the price of the game.

Fix the game or give us a voucher for the next game and put D3 out of its misery. Refund us, clear the servers and start over. Maybe that would at least serve as an apology for #*#@*%%**@ their fans. As it stands today, after being a buyer of many Blizzards games with multiple keys, all the way back from the original Diablo I have no intention of buying another game put out by this company in the future. They have destroyed my trust. I talked into playing D2, 4 nephews and a couple of their friends, a brother and wife, 3 friends of my own , and my own wife as well as I had 3 keys myself. I have not been able to talk a single one of them into playing D3 when it came out and have no intention of recommending the game to any of them now. I am one person. But how many more players out there are like me who brought in a dozen more players. Multiply that by the millions who play video games and Blizzard should get the picture.

I very much looked forward to a new Diablo. I am still looking forward to a new Diablo as I have not seen it yet.
01/24/2013 03:48 PMPosted by IronKenichi
Add Items that are only usable at certain paragon levels!

I think it would be too much a grind to place high paragon level requirements on the best items. There is a reason that no items were level 99 requirement in diablo 2 - because most people never got there.

Besides - more of the same items is the last thing this game needs.

Itemization needs to be overhauled.

I think you mistook my suggestion, I don't really want the system changed, but if they are going to try and make the game progress better with your character, that is one easy as hell way to do to it; that is all that was for. I also understand that the developers specifically did not do this because they felt it would force you to have to do plvls. I also do not think it is the right solution, but it would fix that problem.

01/24/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Mith
3) Bring back Rune Ranks. Allow players to permanently beef up a skill by 1 point for every 10 Paragon levels. In Beta when Rune Ranks were removed, all skills were set to power level 5 out of 7. Thus, allow each skill to be powered up to two times. This would give players 10 opportunities to power up select skills and introduce some meaningful customization.

This, I like this. Maybe tie it to Nephalem Valor - each stack adds some increased factor on the runes you currently have with your skills. That way for the casual players, you can still respec, and for die hards you can get a bonus to your skills while you farm!

(2) Since damage is the overall main stat ALL classes look for,why do we find L63 weapons with otherwise great stats and 200 odd dmg? Maybe address the elemental damage rolls so they actually add something?

No kidding...that is probably one of the biggest issues, as that most iLvl63 1 handers roll less than 600 damage (probably even lower).
Yeah they listened to us big time when Jay said we don't know what we want and that we only love d2 because of nostalgia...
In those days you played what was good, not what was easy or difficult because you really didn't have a choice.

Actually, old games are hard because of technical limitations, not because it was "better" this way. Being hard was only a way to artificially make the game last longer than 1 hour.
From early in the video.

"...that make it much easier to use all your character's abilities. For example, we've added a hotbar where the diablo potion belt used to be to help players use any of their skills quickly and easilly..."

So I went from having F1-F? to just 4 buttons? Big improvement.

Wouldn't having a chat box in the Ah allow you to sell UNIDs? It's like an open market area, and then the actual deals are in the auction house search.

And in reply to your other post, no, I don't mean chat is better. I am saying we should have both the chat and Ah side by side.

I don't see what the difference between Auction House chat box and Trade Channel chat is.

Either way, my point is.....Anything that increases the use of "in-game trading" as the means of item transfer is going to increase scams and human error stories. I'm ok with your AH Chat as long as the transfer is still done through the AH and the transaction is tracked, and logged for some sort of historical data trending use. People should know what the going rate for their item is for everyone to get the correct value for their item.
You know, this constant fight over DIII and DII kind of reminds me of the presidential elections that are happing now here in the Czech Republic.
holy crap i fell asleep like 5 times trying to read this initial post. It took me so long i probably missed my chance to get that RNG drop i need cause i wasn't playing
Quoting Supporting responses: I see those.

So what about the other side of the responses?

All I see from this thread is a few people wanting a completely new game!!! , We have to work with what we have and not try to make excessive amounts of work that will only amount to long delayed patch releases, devaluing of all classes items, loss of player base.

Changes to itemization, stats, and skills is a completely new game? I beg to differ.

Plus, they made such sweeping changes just a couple months before release (runes as drop => runeskill system, good stats => bad 'primary' stats, etc). Many months after release, they could stand to reverse those changes.
the way the game is now 1-59 feels like your wasting your time. ( i'm a hardcore player)
Diablo2 did not feel like this.

Drops are fine the way they are i think

by the look of these crafting plans that seems to be the way blizzard intends to fix the self found junkies.

I promise people will not like this. Your new toy you buy with your hard work is always more meaningful then the one handed to you due to "cause you have 25marks of valor" Err wait. is this warcraft again? darn i thought i quit that game cause raiding got lame the welfare programs , Sigh :(
Dont forget that the kids dont even care to post in this forum. They play 2 or 3 characters to 60 or less, kill Diablo once or twice, buy something with real money (or not) in the AH, and then leave the game for good or until a new patch is released.

This, is the perfect customer for Blizzard. A sheep that doesn't complain, nor uses the server space for too much time.

Cynical, I know, but it's how it works.
Please, PLEASE print this post, and have it guide you into D3's expansion.

Since Jay has left, and this new team seems to really care...
I hope you guys go BOLD and change a LOT, because this game needs it. D2 reached it's peak after an expansion.

Don't be afraid of change. Give people plenty of notice (those buying stuff with credit cards and such). Change things dramatically. Make it exciting to farm different difficulties, to farm BOSSES again, to not get more drops but to get progressively better drops.

PLEASE rework items so that it's not a lottery, but a progression.
PLEASE give powers to the skills and NOT just the gear. Although you want people to pay for the gear, i think you'll make more money on a better progression of gear!!!!

and again THANK YOU. do not be afraid of change!!!!!!!!
to live up to the name of diablo, it NEEDS change. thanks again

- It's not supposed to be a nice game.

- Autostats are ridiculous.

- Lack of pots is not welcome

- If it aint broke don't fix it! (Diablo 2)

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