How It Went Terribly Wrong, Because They Listened To Us

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All of the footprints lead to the AH
01/20/2013 09:34 PMPosted by ShinAlboma
Result of no clear goal in the team's collective mind. Easily shifted by the community.

This is inaccurate. They did things that some in the community asked for but for the most part they completely ignore the community.

This started with difficulty being nerfed but they handled it wrong because of the rmah. The issue with Inferno being so hard was because the loot dropping in Act 1 was garbage. I was getting lvl 55 gear for crying out loud. This was of course intentional because they wanted you to use the ah to gear up. Soo... everyone had terrible gear and coudln't aford to buy the upgrades needed to get further so misguided they begged for the difficulty to be nerfed and got it.

The game is designed around directing you to the AH and once there the transition to the rmah is seamless.

90% of what the community has asked for for months is totally ignored. The fact that some things that some asked for actually were changed is coincidental. These changes came from developer strategy to once again drive traffic to the ah not because we asked.

They lowered difficulty because it was driving the newbs who are the most likely to use the rmah away.
01/20/2013 09:15 PMPosted by Sol
Diablo III is doomed to lose its popularity

It already has, a long time ago.
Very interesting ideas, especially the auction house chat. It definitely does feel quite a bit closed-off at the moment.
*This game isn't a lottery, it's a game. You're supposed to have fun all the way to the top, not grind like a slave until you find one good "opportunity".

I.m just getting sick of the fact that EVERY class looks for the SAME items just with a different base stat. They need more class specific (would LOVE to have awesome legendary fist weapons on my monk) items that are actually good and worth using.
*This game isn't a lottery, it's a game. You're supposed to have fun all the way to the top, not grind like a slave until you find one good "opportunity".THIS.

sadly what u need is a console single player game if u wanna have fun all the way to the top.

pity the real gamers and untapped gamers market that want to play diablo3 at the hardest point ( 2-3weeks after release , after the fixed the SS ez mode bug etc etc )

nerfs came too fast and as u can see ... whatever "improvements" that were made didnt work
the numbers dont lie ... and that is all.
by the time you took to write this.. edit it... re-read it... re-edit it... make sure everything was as crystal clear as it could have been... you would have been up another 2 paragon levels.

no matter what your complaints are .. you have good dps and up in the 80s paragon. Whether the grind is too boring or not. Welcome to Diablo. Some will compare grinding here to the other versions and they are different. There are many differences between versions of which have already been talked about numerous times. What is common is "grinding".

good luck with it all.
No. The kids are the ignorant, therefore they don't know what they want, they just said they wanted more drops not as in literally more numbers of loot, rather they want to be impressed by their loot. Quantity < Quality but they took the prior over the ladder, their biggest mistake.

They know that everybody wanted better loot instead of more crappy loot. But they decided to go 'more crappy loot' anyway just to feed the AH even more.
I have an advice for u who say the game is boring because 99.9% of the drops are trash, pick up only legendaries, rings and amulets. you wil waste a lot less time identifying and it will be more fun, and more profitable.

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